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Hi there !

I'm your average(?) french guy who've been lurking on this forum for almost two years, and I have to say that many times I wanted to post something, but I was too lazy to create an account. But things change, and one day you have to do what you have to do.

So, what made me do it ? Procrastination.

Well, that and because I started reading VNs untranslated, so I had to sign in if I wanted to ask a few things.

Using Clephas list, I played (or read, whichever you like) Kamikaze Explorer and I would say I understood at least 80% of what I read. But there is a great flaw : It's boring. Well, not that much. The common route was really fun, but the individual routes not really until the end.

Not really interested in the other VNs in the first level (Aside from Noble Works, but the english patch is comming soon), and not really wanting to ruin a good VN with crappy understanding, I wanted to know where I was in my understanding based on how I was able to read through Kamikaze Explorer, albeit slowly, without much trouble. I used ChiitransLite and juggled between the Parser and Atlas/Honyaku. My Japanese is low, but I've got basic grammar, but I'm still pretty lacking. Even if useless thanks to the parser, I know a little more than 100 kanji. (yeah, not that much :/)

If you could make a few good suggestions (to know what I like/read https://vndb.org/u98814/list).


Well, what can I say now... I read a lot of Light Novels and manga, and I watch a few anime each season. Just your average guy, I guess.


Well, that's all, thanks for reading !


PS: I want a moe. A lot of moe if possible. x)

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Welcome! Like your taste in VNs. Have to ask, favorite Grisaia girl? 

Looked over your list and saw Shuffle! but not Tick! Tack! So for recommendations I´d say go with that. Its a sequel continuing Nerrines route with lots of awesomeness in it. 

Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay!

The satanic pact is complete, Eclipsed's soul is forfeit and I have been summoned to bring moe!

Have a lots of moe:


Hidden Content

Hey! I only got one moe when I joined! Thats not fair! I demand a new moe! :pyaa:

(Wait, if I get a new one, does that mean my soul gets forfeited too? I-I´m scared...)

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