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*~Hi I am Blythe~*


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I am new to VN's and the site (been a lurker for awhile though just not talking:)). I love the VN's they are great, I love the people here they are interesting and are trying to get a new type of entertainment for us here in the west, its nice and admirable that they spend their time setting up the website for others to enjoy.

I like MMOS (My current MMO I have been playing since last September is Wings of Destiny)

I like reading, all kinds of stuff, weather it be VN's or a Historical Biography, or fanfiction. I love anything with the written word.

Anime is a given I guess, I am currently enraptured by fairytail ;) My favorites, fushgi yugi, inuyasha, (romance animes are my fav.)

I love love love GOT, and Trueblood, and of course The Walking Dead.

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Welcome! We're glad to have you! What VNs have you played so far?

The second reproduction, yojinbo(my fav so far), draKoi, Hadaka shitsuji, and one that I bought called Cinders, it was really good to.

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Welcome to Fuwanovel ^^

Man, Inuyasha and Fushigi Yugi bring back a lot of childhood memories, I watched them like 10 years ago and I enjoyed every minute of it, though I guess I would enjoy them more now

Hope you have a great time here

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