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Visual Novel Reader Embedded Error at Sakura No Uta

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I was Playing Sakura no Uta -Sakura no Mori no Ue wo Mau- with VNR using Embedded text,

after play for a whole time, the game suddenly crash with this message:

Thread [ 1 ] , Program [ scrsnd._bp ] , IP [ $0000123A ] , Instruction [ $A021 ] , SP [ $000016F8 ]

( ipl._bp - $00000A69 )
( title._bp - $0000002C )
( title._bp - $0000067F )
( title._bp - $0000074B )
( title._bp - $00000908 )
( scrdrv._bp - $000000E0 )
( scrmain._bp - $0000030C )
( scrsnd._bp - $000015E3 )

指定されたファイル [ data04xxx.arc : szd_000006 ] の登録中に致命的なエラーが発生しました

This is the pic:


Is there any fixes or option for this?

Thanks and sorry for my bad english...



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i know it is too old query but i am writing in case someone else might get help from this.


what worked for me was disabling vnr's built in hook.


people who didn't enable that in setting should ignore this.

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