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YART - Yet another return thread


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"Whoa, what happened to you? Did Mare make you forget again?"

Not exactly, but here's the short of it;

  • Not doing too well in some classes, felt like Zenya for a good 6 months.
  • Discovered during that time one of my favorite projects had been 'butchered' by Nils Frahm, felt like my mind was in permanent 'kusottare'. Yeah I know it sounds silly, but that's how it was for me.
  • After a few months, I picked up a book which I had abandoned for 8 years prior, which is basically a self-study guide on how to detox the unconscious mind.
  • I utilized this guide for three months, and uncovered and healed a lot of the self-hate I had been hiding, but that which now I was becoming aware of. Sometimes this process wasn't pretty, but I knew I was making progress, one epiphany at a time.

And here I am, back from an almost year-long hiatus. I don't know how I'll manage this with all the weight of false starts and countless communities I have completely abandoned, bearing down upon me, but it's good to at least try!

So, I hope you'll welcome me back with tons of moe!

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