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Okami Is Back


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Hi all.

I have returned to Fuwa after a year of absence so I thought about saying hi. I see a lot of changes have been made while I was away. In past year I had thought couple of times of coming back but wasn't sure about it, and then I stumbled across this Video "All we have on Fuwanovel" or something like that this morning and that was what made me decide to come back. I left fuwanovel because of difference of opinion in witch a VNs fan-base and Fuwa was moving at a moment and back then I thought I will never come back, for some time I searched for other otaku oriented forums but I didn't find anything where I could hang around as most ware eater highly toxic communities or full of otaku newbies who go "Naruto is the best anime ever". After that I had just give up and quietly enjoyed otaku life without being part of any online  or offline community. From time to time when searching for info on VNs I would stable across Fuwa posts and every time I would remember that despite my differences with a more numbered fan-base of VNs Fuwa was and is up till today my best online community experience  I had. Noting significant really changed much for me in time I was away, other then that I am into Shoujo-AI more then ever, that my tolerance for lewd things in otaku community had drooped more then ever and that a year or so with practically no real discussions online or offline made me into even more of an eccentric then i was.Oh and yea my Japanese skills have incensed a lot, enough to watch some raw anime that don't use difficult Japanese without missing anything, true my reading skills are still very low. I still don't know if I come back to stay or if I am just visiting true I doubt I will be as active as I was back in a day. 

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!


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Thanks all on welcomes, I am honestly glad to see so many familiar faces......usernames. For people I see for the first time hope we get along.

Oh my good lord what have I done? 

Welcome back.


You summoned something that cannot be unsummoned....:ph34r:

Hello and welcome back, So have u watch Cowboy bepop yet?

Momon!!!! What's up haven't seen you on skype lately.

I don't think that a show with that titles exists so I am not really sure what you mean :P .






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Nohman should be pleased. Welcome back, try not to treat differences of opinion on the internet so seriously. *Inserting customary facehugger image*


True that is a good advice it is probably impossible for me, I take seriously things that I care for. Also something is telling me that if I accept that hug this return of mine will become very short :D so no offense but I'l decline.


PS: Sorry for double post, I wanted to edit but instead posted new.

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