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Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi Translation Project [Partial Patch II Released]

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Feel free to contact me at sukimaTL@gmail.com!

Greetings to all! I come before you today to officially announce that a translation project for Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi is under way! This project's been a long time coming since I originally asked for a bit of help with getting the scripts, but now there's finally work to show for it!

I won't say too much about the visual novel here since you have the VNDB link, but I will caution you not to do too much research on this one as it's quite easy to spoil a certain, major aspect of this game (kind of like how you can spoil Little Busters! for yourself, thinking that there isn't much to spoil). 

The following spoiler isn't actually a spoiler, but an aside regarding unnecessary criticism and negativity:


I'm not doing this project for anything other than my own benefit and experience with the language. As such, if I ever get to a point where I feel that negative criticism (as opposed to constructive criticism) or outright negativity is interfering with my ability to enjoy what I'm doing, then I may just abandon publicly releasing the project altogether. So my point is to just avoid being a jerk and everything'll be fine. I know people will inevitably complain and nitpick, but keep it limited to the normal places (you know what I'm talking about) and I'll have no issue. Basically, unless you have something meaningful to say, please don't say anything at all. I'd prefer having one appreciative soul enjoy my work than for 10,000 complainers to do the same.



onlyMyRailgun - Everything except hacking

rr- - Hacker



UPDATE (5/17/2019):

Currently editing the prologue, common route, and Kaju's route; a third partial patch will be released when this is complete with those three parts included.



(Don't expect regular updates on this; some will be quick, some will be slow since I update as I complete each script)

  13,183 / 30,513 Lines  (43.2%)

58 / 101 scripts (co_06 292/415 -> 12891+415 WD)

Common Route Complete [1 of 5] (12/16/15)!

Kaju's Route Complete [2 of 5] (10/10/16)!

Choko's Route - In Progress [3/5] (??/??/??)!

Anticipated Questions:


1.) What if MangaGamer decides to release this visual novel?

Then I'll stop working on it. I originally started working on this at least a full month before the partnership announcement was made, so I'd rather what work I've already put into not go to waste.

2.) Will you release any partial patches?

Yes. They will be released as each route is completed.

3.) Why are you translating this game?

I've been studying Japanese for quite a long time (since I was in high school) but had to stop actively doing so when I joined the army and got a full time job. Now that I've gotten to a point in work where I have more time to myself, I wanted something to ease me back into what I'd studied so long ago. So what better way to do so than to try my hand at translating what's generally considered an easy to understand visual novel? Clarification: No, this doesn't exactly mean that I'm "learning through translating." It's more like I'm refreshing/practicing the Japanese that I learned many years ago while also trying to give back to the VN community. Sure, there are some things to be learned still and I'm not perfect, but it's not the same thing as me having no knowledge of the language at all and trying to begin learning by translating a 30,000 line game.

4.) If that's the case, then does that mean that this TL is terrible?  

Let's get this part out of the way: yes, I'm still learning/refreshing myself on the language. Take that however you please. However, with that said, I feel that nothing of importance was lost in translation and the English reads perfectly fine. Do you have any trouble reading what I've typed so far? Good, then you won't have any trouble reading this VN. Perhaps if you're a 100% literal person or someone who doesn't like for things to be localized to the receiving audience (especially jokes), then you won't like this project. Though with that said...

5.) If I notice any mistakes, can I contact you about them?

Yes! That's the whole point of me starting this. As long as you're not super condescending or acting as though I've done a grave sin by trying to make a VN accessible to people who, in all likelihood, would never have had any chance at all of reading it otherwise, then by all means! A lot of the jokes were mostly lost on me (particularly references and some of the odd word play), so I'd totally appreciate any help you can give me! Or just any pointers in general. You can reach me at sukimaTL@gmail.com.

6.) What happens if no one else helps you with this?

Then I'll just have to finish it alone (or until MangaGamer licenses it). We've already had one translator on this very website beast his way through a monster of a visual novel by himself as he improved along the way, so it's certainly not outside of the realm of possibility for another to do the same, especially one that's smaller. 

7.) Why do their voices cut off when there are multiple lines/why are the locations not translated/why is the menu not translated/how do I install the patch?

Take a look at the Readme provided in the patch.

8.) What does Patch II cover? 

The second patch translates the first 6,043 lines (that is, the entire common route). You'll know you've reached the end of the patch when Japanese text appears you've read through the ending talking about Masamune's past. This is only activated when you don't trigger enough flags with any particular heroine (in other words, don't trigger anyone's route or else you'll end up missing the one ending that's translated and will end up with a bunch of meaningless moonrunes on your screen).

Old save files will not be compatible with newer patches. This is something that I cannot fix, unfortunately. 

Please note that this version of the patch doesn't have any TLC or editing of the earlier scripts that were translated (or really of anything, for that matter). There's a tremendous difference in skill from where I'm at now and where I started, though I don't plan to actually go back to check everything until I've finished Kaju's route (i.e. TLC/editing is now in progress).

9.) Is this a machine translation?

You should be able to answer this yourself if you've read the entire post. Of course it's not! 

10.) Do you really think it's best to release this when you admit to not being 100% familiar with the language? 

I'm no fool; I wouldn't commit my time to something like this if I hadn't already thought it through. Trust me: I've already heard everything you probably have to say about 'learning' through translating, etc. I gave all of the necessary disclaimers as far as what one can expect of this project, so anyone who wishes to read my work will do so fully aware of all "risks" involved. This is the best way for me to practice (while also having some fun with it) and to sort of give myself "deadlines" so that I don't get bored and just stop like I did after so long a few years ago. Besides, I'm sure many people would rather have a completely readable learning project than a forever untranslated title that would otherwise silently fade into obscurity. There's certainly nothing stopping another group from taking this up if they feel so inclined.

11.) How many routes are there? 

There are 3 character routes (Kaju, Choko, Sakura) that are available from the start. There's also a short "joke route" for Masamune that you get if you don't trigger any of the main girls' routes. Once you complete all of them, the True Route (Rin) will be unlocked. They will be translated and released in that order. 


















English Partial Patch v0.2

(April 4, 2016)


Feel free to email or PM me if you wish to talk. I've never been a fan of the drama and silliness that tend to pointlessly accompany these types of things, so I'll distance myself from it from the start so as not to lose my motivation. 

Note: Please avoid bumping this thread unless a major issue has come up (patch link doesn't work anymore, etc.).

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Not gonna comment about the translation (I didn't even look at it) but doing a translation in order to learn the language is not a good idea if you don't have someone behind you to tell you what you're doing wrong. In fact it can fossilize misconceptions about the language. You say that you think you did a fine job, which I have no reason to doubt, but then in the next paragraph you explain you didn't get most jokes. It's not easy to notice your own mistakes. If you can't find someone willing to help and correct you I'm not sure you're gonna get all that much out of that translation. Take that advice as you want.

Even if you're not convinced by that, it might not be useful to release to the public a translation that you're doing for your own progression, considering you're admitting yourself that you don't master japanese that well.

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Anyone have download link for Siscon patch for this game

They've just started translating this VN a month ago. So you'll have to wait a little longer for the siscon route (If that's what you mean by "Siscon patch") Is there even a siscon route in this VN? If there is, that would be great!


So far, only the common route has been completed in a month. I don't know if that's fast TL-ing or normal speed TL-ing but I wish you good luck!

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I'd prefer not to bump this thread unless there's something of major importance to note (like a patch issue or something along those lines), but to answer the question: No, I don't have any plans to translate the siscon patch as of this time. 

However, with that said, there is already a little sister route in the game complete with everything you may have expected in the patch (H-scenes, etc.), so it's not like you're totally missing out or anything. 

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3 hours ago, onlyMyRailgun said:

Does anyone know the story behind this here?

I received an email bringing this to my attention, but really don't know what to think of it. Is this seriously just some random person trying to Greenlight another company's game?

People try anything on greenlight these days...that's the reason why Valve is looking and wanting to replace it with a different system.

people post and get any kind of shit onto the steam storefront through fraudulent greenlight campaigns, and shitty games, stuff they don't necessarily own among some end up making it through:amane:

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