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Another introduction to add to the pile


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I've been looking around for a decent forum to haunt from time to time... I used to be a huge visual novel nut in years past, and have recently been looking to get back into them, so I figured I'd give this place a shot. scholar.gif

Let's see... what else to say?

Given the forum's focus, I may as well start off by saying that my favorite visual novels out of those I've tried would probably be Utawarerumono, Saya No Uta, and Clannad, in no particular order, none of which I'm guessing are terribly groundbreaking or unusual as far as favorites go? The last VN I read was Katawa Shoujo (Hanako ftw), and prior to that the final part of Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

Outside of visual novels, I do a fair bit of gaming (mostly indie stuff on PC at this point) and a bit of anime watching, which I'm sure is very unique and unusual among the folks here. Animation1.gif

And --- I guess that's about it for now? Introduction threads have never really been something I've been terribly great at, but I think that goes for a lot of folks. 

Sooo, again - hullo.

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VNs? Gaming? Anime? Feh. We want the real dirt, like how you feel about the new CHVRCHES album or why malt vinegar is the only thing that should ever touch a fried potato.

Anyway, welcome to Fuwa. ;)

Never heard of CHVRCHES before, but after looking up a couple random songs on Youtube, they don't seem bad at all - though I admittedly have ridiculously wide (and/or bad, depending on who you ask) taste in music. At any rate, that makes two Scottish bands that I can call myself fond of. emot-toot.gif

And malt vinegar only? I dunno, a little tabasco sauce can go a long way on pan fried potato wedges. Unless you're a weirdo like my father, who prefers tartar sauce of all things. k.gif

That said, the welcomes are appreciated. synthy.gif

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I should point out that 'onion gravy' is what all the cool kids are eating their potatoes with.

Also, it's tradition to post pictures of cute and moe anime girls in introduction threads. So here, welcome to the site:


How about we go with mushroom gravy and call it good? The only thing onions are good for is causing indigestion, and/or caramelizing.

I will accept your adorable waifu and offer in return this beauty:



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Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay!

How did you find out about VNs?

Have a moe:

Thank you - I'm hoping that this will be the case.

As for how I found out about the Novels Visual, this is where a simple question gets a TL;DR response. Beware.

So, I have this habit - when I finish watching an anime, I typically do some Googling around to look into source material and all that sort of thing. Is there a manga? Is it good? That sort of thing.

Anyway, years back I was watching the Tsukihime anime (lol) when it was first airing and, while I wasn't super impressed by it, I did my usual round of Googling and came up with one of the rare - at that point - English Type-Moon fansites. At that point I'd never really heard of visual novels, but found the whole thing an interesting way to tell a story, especially since from the sound of it, Tsukihime's source material was superior to the anime by leaps and bounds. I also learned about Fate/stay night, which I found extremely interested based on the bits of information that were available.

While neither Tsukihime nor Fate were translated at the time (and, in the case of Fate, the general consensus among the few English speaking communities I knew of was that it would never be translated given its length), learning all of that caused me to start seeking out the few translated visual novels I could find - Planetarian being the most noteworthy that I can recall of the top of my head. From 2004 to 2010-ish I was basically consuming everything I could, until my interest began to wane around the time that Umineko wrapped up.

As for the moe...


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Welcome to fuwa Zophar-kun. Enjoy your stay ~ 

clannad <3 

also don't have a moe but have a gif instead

Thanks! And yeah, Clannad was a kick right to the feels. That GIF is extra relevant due to Kotomi and Fuko being tied as my favorite routes in the game. sparkle.gif


Okay, you're pretty much begging me to ask you at this point. Fine, I'll bite:

What's the other band and why isn't it There Will Be Fireworks?

The other band is The Delagos. They're awesome, or they were before they sadly went kaput. 101.gif

Music is awesome. lsdparrot.gif

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Osu!Osu! nice to meet cha birdy~~~

so do u like trap? why u use an ostrich as a prof pic? do u prefer chicken breast or thigh? what is ur fav food? do u play kancolle?

Greetings, salutations, and well met non-birdy!

Trap? What sort of trap? I am rather fond of trip lines and proximity sensors, I think. science.gif

As for the avatar, I couldn't think of anything to use, so I just grabbed a random image from my computer, did some cropping, and tossed it in. Also, chicken breasts are vastly superior to thighs, particularly when it comes to chicken breast tenderloins, which are absolutely delightful when breaded up and fried. Favorite food? Thai food in genera, though more specifically I'd say Pad Kee Mao with chicken, served super spicy. emot-chef.gif

As for kancolle --- I ... have no idea what that is! specialed.png

Welcome to the community, feel free to ask any questions you may have. 

Thank you, I will see to it that should I have any questions, you will be the first to know. Look forward to this - they will come, in time. emot-sun.gif

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oh shit, im pretty sure the VN scene has moved a great bit while you were absent then :D

anyways welcome!

Tell me about it! buddy.gif

The amount of translations (commercial and fan made) available these days is a bit dizzying from what I've seen, to be honest. Definitely shouldn't have any lack of material to go through, though sorting out what is and isn't likely to be of interest to me might be a bit tough given all that's available. ^^

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Heya Zophar!  Welcome to the Fuwanovel Forums!  Enjoy everything we have to offer!  :)

Everything, you say? Everything? 

Hello and welcome o/ I hope you enjoy your stay!

So far so good, I'd say!

Hi, the people here are very friendly. Hope you stick around. And here, have a girl pic:

They certainly seem to be so far! As for sticking around, I imagine I'll definitely be popping in on a regular basis though I expect some portion of that will be spent lurking.

Rin pictures are always pleasant to have around. ^^

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