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I think there's someone on the forum translating it but progress has been slow. I still hold out hope but I wouldn't expect to see it in a very VERY long time.

Here's the thread if you're interested. http://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/10542-dracu-riot-miu-route-translation-project-based-on-vnr-community-translations/?page=1

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I honestly give it like 95% chance of no.

Maybe, just MAYBE if Insem isn't fucking trolling everybody, and he actually does release his scripts at the beginning of the year, we will see that jump to 50% chance of completion by the end of that year. There are probably people who will finish the damn thing assuming it is all but one route complete.  Then we can all make a collective sigh and then forget about insem permanently.


Really, the question is: what is the chance Insem releases the scripts, and what are the chances that they are 80% complete like previously claimed.

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