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TK's Lets Play: Katawa Shoujo - Hanako's BETA Path


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Heya, I figure I would share with you guys a special run of my Katawa Shoujo LP with Hanako's BETA Path.  This was put together by a friend of mine named Xaddgx!  The music is slightly different, Hanako's personality develops more in this one.  It's worth a look if you want to compare & contrast things between this route and her original!

I have also completed Hanako's original Path and Emi's Path too on my channel if you want to watch those.  

PS: I do apologize for the video coming out EXTREMELY large!  I don't know how to size it down on this particular forum.  If a staff member wants to shrink it down go ahead.  >.<;

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You and my friend NeoMegaMan would get along great!  His fav is Lilly too.  xD

Emi is my 2nd fav.  Her path was full of laughs!  (Well, at least before you hit the heavy stuff later)

Rin...man that was a roller coaster being in her head!  Her path was pretty interesting though.

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