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The so call VN engine [the truth behind them all] [10/28/2015]


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My question was more wondering why wouldn't a small VN developer wouldn't just stick with Ren'py because of all the facts you presented made the rest look pretty bad honestly. I don't see any real drawbacks to it unless you're fluent in one of the other languages already.

its mostly an experience thing, one developer likes to build it for the C# and is able to fully custom the game (like you saw in the Novelty game) and another could do it due to the lack of knowledge of other engines. VN engines are not popular in the west so people are starting to see them, however the most profit (tyranobuilder, Game Maker, Construct, and more ) will always try to get those users with lies then non-profit engine (renpy, novelty, belle, and more). now why do profit companies do this is really simple, the money. all non-profit engines will always be willing to make it better for you the developer and gamers who want to read a VN.

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