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Mobile/Desktop toggle option

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Not entirely sure if this affects only me, but I think it would be nice to be able toggle between mobile and desktop.  As I usually browse on my desktop and occasionally on my phone, I'm more used to the desktop version and the extra amenities it offers.  Specifically in my case I'm referring to the ability to see the most recently posted topic in a subforum.  I know that the new experimental Fuwafabulous theme allows this to a certain extent, but the side effect is only being able to see two topics at a time. http://imgur.com/a/wn3yX

Usually on other websites I can get around this by using the inbuilt mobile browser hack "display in desktop mode", but that doesn't seem to work on IPB4.

Other minor bugbears this might fix would be the readability of long walls of text.  I like my walls, but in this case, they seem like pillars.http://imgur.com/a/opJCE

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The actual layout of the home/metaboard is the almost the same as the dark theme showed, however the wall of text I demonstrated did drop from 3.1 pages to about 2.5

It seems like most of that is due to a small reduction in font size and then line spacing accordingly.  Bad math suggests a 9 to 8 font size.

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