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The Royal Trap FuwaReview Discussion

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So The Royal Trap by Hanako Games has been reviewed. There is a point I'd like to see discussed which I deliberately did not bring up in the review because it was a massive spoiler, but it did hurt the game's reputation amongst a part of the OELVN community, to the point there were people asking to see the game removed from Steam (I'm exaggerating as it was but a minor controversy, but there was indeed a share of angry people).


So Princess Cassidy is a trans woman, against her own will or even knowledge. There is a fair share of tact in how the issue of gender identity was handled in the game (and even a great deal of pandering to a certain audience that would demand ~safe spaces~ and representation if you ask me), but the game is named The Royal Trap so people got upset. Do you think the game could have handled this better? How do you see trans visibility in VNs?)

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Excellent review Palas! Your writing is quite eloquent.


As for the plot point:



The trans community is rather sensitive when it comes to these kinds of things, which I think is very understandable, considering the copious amounts of abuse they tend to face on a regular bass, even today.

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The title maybe could have been named a little differently, but if the character is handled fine, then there really should be no fuss. A lot of people like to get up in arms without any context behind it, and they usually end up with egg on their faces for being way out in left field when the context changes the meaning. 

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