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Cool Action VN


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Hello Fuwa! As the title suggest, I'm looking for a good action visual novel, translated because, sadly I don't know japanese : (. Of the genre I've already read: Fate/Stay night, Ayakashibito and Comyu.

Any suggestion is really welcome! 


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If action is all you desire, then I point you towards two of Nitro+'s works, Kikokugai and Hanachirasu. Both are dark and violent revenge stories with lots of action and close to no fillers/comedy and Moe. The first is about a former assassin who seeks revenge upon the people who raped and murdered his sister, the second is about two master swordsmen who wish to duel one another to the death for differing reasons. Kikokugai has a faster pace and is set in a cyberpunk dystopian Shanghai, and Hanachirasu has slower, more realistic action, with many infodumps about swordfighting and calculating your enemy's moves. 

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Muv Luv Alternative is the highest rated / most popular action VN, so give that one a try. It makes more sense if you read the original Muv Luv first, but there's no real action in that version. Majikoi is also excellent, although its action element is smaller than Comyu or FSN.


After that, there are a bunch of other good ones I can think of:



Koihime Musou

Phantom of Inferno



Soul Link


I'm not sure if you want games with a serious gameplay element, but if so there are a lot more at that point:


Kamidori Alchemy Meister

Sengoku Rance


Eien no Aselia


Daibanchou (only a couple of routes fully translated)

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Great, thank you alll for the reccomendations, I put all the names in my list to play and I think I'll start with Tsukihime and then move onto Rewrite or Hanachirasu! Clephas, that are very temptative reason to learn japanese but at the moment I'm trying to master german, so japanese'll have to wait for now : (

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Anything by Nasu/Type Moon - Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night, ect. is certainly work a read.  If you find you enjoy Tsukihime, you'll probably like F/SN as well.

Muvluv Alternative is another big one.


I'll second all of Ciephas suggestions as well, because I'm evil and advocate moving to reading Japanese VNs >_>



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