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What were the Visual First novels you've ever seen?

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I honestly think it's very important to remember what was the first we saw and whether it was a good experience in my case ...... ..... took a tremendous chance started with a visual novel called "Inkey academy" was playing without knowing anything it was the first I played .... hardly I knew it was a challenge even for experienced .... just caught a bad end shaking ..... amazing that despite this I still continued, and as to you you had a good experience?

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ummm...isn't it bad for linking a pirate site on fuwa?

Yes, it's against the rules.  If you're downloading a VN from a site without buying it and it's not freeware, you can't link to it here.


I really do not know if it's a pirate site, but it is what most use, it's just a shame it has an average download server.

But if by chance it is, sorry I did not.

That site you linked to is indeed a piracy site.  No biggie or anything, just don't link to it again and don't mention the name.  It's better to use VNDB links for that type of ID'ing, anyway.

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