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VN Idea Dump thread!

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I have another idea for a game but it's going to be kinetic novel with multiple stories.

and where prognanist have differnt stories.

Zane Zamikaze (Male Prognanist)

Zane Zamikaze are 16 High school student so have been in hospital since second year Of middel school becuse Of unknown sickness and got visit from his parents and friends from time to time.

after been in hospital for some years he suddenly got very sick from his unknown sickness and got very High fever, He was very cold and his body was hurting, later that evening When he got litter bit better, he heard voice and that voice belongs to Zora a shinigami so tells him at he its going to die tomrorrow and she its going to pick up his Soul after he die and Zane belive that.

after that Zora disspear and Zane fall asleep prepare to die tomorrow.

next day Zane wake up and feelt himself very tired and he belive at it was becuse he was close to death until a Angel with name Sasha was floating before him, she tells him at, she have come to save him from death and the only way its at her spirit become one with him and Of course Zora appear before Sasha Get chance to do that and after that a War between they two starts and after a while they stopped fighting and Zora looked at Zane tell him at Which he have reason to live, she Would let him live but dont he have reason to live she Would let him die and take Soul from him.

its from that moment our prognanist must make choice so change his fate forever, Would he die or Would he live.


I'm going to write Female prognanist story later but first I want to hear what there think about the game and story.

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Waga Jinsei ni Kui wa Nashi

    A man lives a long and happy life, and is finally laid to rest... only to find himself waking up back in time to when he was a high-school student. As he had no regrets in his life, he does his best to make things go the same way, but try as he might, he seems to fail at every turn...

    I don't remember where, but I'm pretty sure I got this idea from someone else. The "return to earlier point in life" genre is almost always about being able to fix some wrong in one's past. Well, why does such things always have to work in your favor? I figured it would be interesting to explore being forced to live over a life you were satisfied with.

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An alternate universe/continuity where things go off the rails from the main storyline. Kogasaka You happens upon an eccentric person, one whose wisdom was far beyond their years.He met this person while in the city, and was curious to know just how he manages to be so peaceful even in the worst of times. Curiosity turned to friendship, and he is gradually introduced to the radical principles of a curious book over a period of five years.

While this curious book was still being translated into Japanese, that proved to be no obstacle, as his friend, whom he called Aki (松浦 真明), knew it from a previous lifetime, and presented its teachings through dozens of notes compiled from both his previous and current lifetime. As You began to peruse his friend's notes and practice this book's particular thought system, he began having horrible nightmares about a girl who forcefully took away something important to him. He wasn't sure if she was the girl from the lookout, since they looked almost identical, but her manner of dress suggested she was from an earlier time period. Stunned by these seemingly random nightmares, he turned to his new friend for advice. His friend's response: “This is your chance. This is what you wanted. You remember this person. Forgive her. Only then will you remember everything.”

Jolted by this sudden revelation, and unsure of just 'what' he would remember, You was deeply terrified. The nightmares continued their relentless assault. They started consuming his waking thoughts. His 'nightmare' seemed to grow in equal measure to his deepening sense of peace with each passing day. He didn't know if he could continue his study of the book. He was sure he never wanted this. He couldn't see "her" now, not like this. Yet, even in the trials each new nightmare brought to his awareness, he knew he had made a critical choice. He wanted to see "her" no matter what.

His way was decided; there was no turning back for him. Accepting this, You calmly strode into his valley of death... 

Bah, customizing links is hairy in this forum... :wacko:

The "curious book": http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1883360269?*Version*=1&*entries*=0

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One Last Time

Protag and a few friends (3~4?) wake up to find themselves in another world, where they must work together to survive and overcome hardships while searching for a way to return to their own world. With their teamwork, they easily surmount the various challenges presented against them, finally reaching their destination. However, they are told only one of them can return at a time. The rest will have to do it again from the start. You choose one of the characters to send back.

Protag and a few friends (minus the one sent back last time) wake up in the same world, with no knowledge of the previous loop. Once again, they work through the same hardships, though a little more difficult this time, and reach their destination once again. There, they're met with the same decision: choose a character to send back.

This keeps on going, with each loop becoming more difficult than the last as their numbers dwindle. In the end, with only two left, they barely make it to their destination. Both the protag and the remaining characters know that neither will be able to complete the quest on their next loop. The protag sends the last remaining friend home.

The protagonist wakes up alone, with no knowledge of past loops. He must brave the hardships one last time, but this time, there is no one to help him along the way.

I like that. Simple, but room for an heartfelt friendship and eventful events, and dramatic. It's kind of like the inverse of last man standing, but this seems interesting. I wonder what would you talk about in the "last run"? There wouldn't be much to narrate with just one character. The way you told it, it seems like everything, including all the thoughts of the characters, are all settled by the last loop. Maybe an epilogue showing his final thoughts, or maybe his success against impossible odds.

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I have no idea, lol. I like coming up with gimmicks, but I don't always have a story to fill it with.

Perhaps it would be easier for them to be able to remember everything that happened.
Then it could be in kinetic novel form from the view point of the MC as he reminisces over the previous runs as he comes across the various challenges in his final run.

Or perhaps he doesn't remember, but each run leaves behind a memento which he happens upon.
He doesn't realize what it is, but the readers are shown in a flashback what the memento entails.

Or, or, maybe it could be a back and forth between the MC on his last run, and his friends back in the real world, as they deal with the reality of having been gone. They spend time with each other, coming to terms with what they went through, and telling the stories regarding where the MC happens to be in the form of flashbacks, and praying for the MC's safe return. Maybe the MC will somehow get to see them in his last moments (assuming he fails), and his friends will shed tiers after instinctively? becoming aware of his loss. Bit cliche and overdramatized, perhaps, but this is probably the way to go.

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I suddenly got another VN idea since my last one was very bad.

so here it's my new VN Idea.


It exit a mansion with name Sakamoto so are around 100 years old and the owner goes with name Kaizer Sakamoto a grumpy man so are throwing a Party and around 40 people are invitert to the Party but When clock rings 12 AM The Party ends and people so was in the Party didnt come back from the mansion and the same happend again three days later but this time was only 15 people invitert to the Party and didnt come back to.

so the prognanist with name Zane Zamore a famous dectetiv so are well know to solve his case without failure, decide to take up the case with 55 missing people, so together with his faithfully assistanse TK Takashi, the drive towards Sakamore mansion for to find out what happend to 55 missing people and reval Sakamore mansion secret and find out who Kaizer Sakamore really are.

but litte did they know how drangrous this mansion was and one Of them might be killed during the case.


I'm not sure about the title but this VN Would be hidden object game where you must find clues for to advance the game.

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If there are games like it, let me know.

tentative title: Awakening

basic plot: It is a rare occurrence for a plane to crash. Even more so to survive one. To also be the only male in the group of survivors and the only one initially fit enough to scavenge for food and look for shelter? That's just fantasy. However, even if you say that, it won't stop our poor hungry protagonist from searching for enough food to feed a starving, irritated group of women.

Scavenge for fruits and plants, run away from dangerous predators and eventually start hunting them back, all while tending to the needs and whims of a pack of ravenous beasts. This ain't a harem son! Not yet at least. You need to earn it! As the days pass, surrounded by wilderness, the blood of your ancestors starts boiling and the instincts of a predator slowly rise from their ancient slumber.

Salvation may come at any time, but will you still be there to welcome it? As the instincts try to take over and you struggle to keep control, death waits at every corner. Whether you die at the hands of a woman scorned, eaten by animals of fallen to nature is of no consequence. But live long enough to fully awaken and you will rule over all.


So yeah, trapped on an unknown island filled with deadly fauna and flora, the MC is preemptively turned into a slave by the group of women that managed to survive the crash with him. With nowhere to run and slim chances of making it on his own, he has no choice but to play along and become bait as they explore the land.

A vn dialogue mix with survival gameplay lets you play the politics of leadership by helping a favorite or turning them all against each other. There is no doubt that you will eventually be rescued, but it is unlikely that you will survive long enough to care, unless you actually find a way of taking control. Good luck, you'll need it.


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On 10/15/2015 at 3:08 PM, CeruleanGamer said:

I have one and I am currently writing it as a light novel (only the prologue so far). Not sure if I should share it here due to fear of plagiarism. But I guess a summary wouldn't hurt.

Science vs Sorcery

In 2326, Earth was invaded by an alien invasion force know as Vars. Facing extinction, humanity resorted to their final option, a galactic vessel called "The Ark" to flee from Earth before it becomes fully occupied. With roughly 2700 people aboard The Ark, the humans went on a long journey to find a planet across countless galaxies where they could live in peace and possibly rebuild so they can reclaim Earth again from its conquerors.

Arriving on a planet similar to Earth after 32 years and 1286 people still living, they found a new ray of hope to thrive, however, there were already denizens in this planet and surprisingly, they could understand the same languages that the humans can speak. They also possess unique talents which humans can relate to as sorcery or magic. The original denizens of the planet welcomed the Earthlings with open arms and they exchanged all their wealth of knowledge and resource with each other. The Earthlings managed to rebuild their home, their culture, and their lifestyle and they also adapted to the new ways of life presented to them.

The story follows Raynor, an 21 year old man born from 1st generation Earthlings after 30 years of human occupation of the new planet the denizens call "Myarlis". Earthlings focused on rebuilding and improving their technology with the new resources of the planet so they can reclaim Earth again. Raynor becomes one of the lead engineers of the reclamation project. He was also curious of the "magical power" of the Myarlisians, so he begins his quest to learning more about this so he can combine both the power of science and sorcery to combat the Vars and make Earth theirs again.

I really like the idea from the summary you gave, I've heard the name Raynor somewhere before though.

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6 hours ago, DarkZedge said:

I really like the idea from the summary you gave, I've heard the name Raynor somewhere before though.

Jim Raynor from Starcraft, hehehe? But I use Raynor as a 1st name here though, Raynor Wielder. :) 

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1 minute ago, DarkZedge said:

I noticed but it's all good :sachi: it's a great idea and hope you're able to make good progress on it, i'd like to see how it goes :mare:

Most likely will be done in 5 years or so since I am very busy and I want to make it into a trilogy or a saga.

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Lifelike love


protagonist is a girl - sneaks into her senpai's house and finds a package for a sex doll. She opens it and is amazed by it's realism. as senpai gets home, she hides the doll and hides herself in the box. Senpai thinks it's his doll, and the girl comes out that she's an advanced doll capable of speech and reacting. senpai buys it because he's stupid, and either;

- drama happens trying to get him to let her go because visual novel

- she gets used like a doll repeatedly because eroge

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