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I'm pretty new to VNs, and the hinderance is that currently the only way I can read them is via Android, which has a rather poor selection of VNs currently. I'm kind of hesitant to run stuff on the home computer, as my wife (not waifu) isn't into Japanese stuff like I am, though she is into other stuff like comics, Dr. Who, Star Wars, etc. So basically, the ones I'm reading are pretranslated stuff for the VNLS app on my tablet, along with anything ported. (Yes, I know the makers of Katawa Shoujo probably don't like that it was ported to Android, but it was the only way for me to read it.) It makes me feel like a dirty pirate, but I do plan on getting a laptop or second computer to start doing proper VNs.

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My favorite? Tough to say as my list of "have read" is very small at the moment. I've read Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night, Katawa Shoujo, Fragment's Note and I'm working on Cross Channel currently. i've gone through what's been translated to Android of IMHHW. I figure once I get a machine to use running Windows I'll be gettinga  lot more. Is there a certain memory requirement for running typical VNs? Like will a 4G suffice for most or does it eed to be more high end? I'm not planning on using it for much else besides web surfing.

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Welcome, welcome, welcome Valmore-san to our lair. Enjoy your time and relax here. Feel free to ask/discuss/share anything with us. This may be useful for you:


From my experience with android VNs, your best bet to play VNs on android is playing Nscripter engine VNs (using Onscripter Plus), Reallive engine VNs (using rlvm), PSP brewed/ported VNs (using PPSSPP), and some compatible ported Ren'Py VNs. VNDS is a poor experience to read VNs.

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