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Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Unofficial English Patch Released

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Hey there,


Firstly I'm not associated with any of the other groups that have been translating this game, but I'd like to

say that I have posted a preliminary English patch of Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient here:




It is by no means supposed to replace the work that the other groups have been doing, and I strongly urge

you to get their's when it comes out, they worked with a team so it is very likely to be less rough around the edges,

and also they have some cool bonus material.


But if you know that you can't wait for their version to be uploaded, there is already a version at the above link


See the README for installation instructions.




[Edit]: Kinda just realised that I mistranslated some of the character's names. I uploaded an update to the same link as above in which the names are fixed.


[Double-edit]: Sorry for the shameless self-promo, but I edited the third Japanese trailer for corpse party with my English version which can be found on Youtube here: https://youtu.be/c62M1AEFQT0 with some subtitles edited in real quick. But it's not like I want you to watch it or anything...Baka!


[Triple-edit]: People'll still be able to post here, and I'll still read it, but I finally got a website set up, so I'll be posting my progress on what I'm doing next with this translation over there, seeing how the patch needs more than a little ironing out. I didn't want to be a click-baitor or misleading, but I'm also going to change the name of the thread to be more google-friendly...

My website, which will be updated with explanations on what is happening with the project can be found here: http://gumiislife.wix.com/hikikomorihonyaku

Edited by GUMI is life
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Hello Gumi, thank you for the translation! While on one hand it's sometimes sad to see an effort "wasted" on a redundant translation, on the other hand it's always kind of interesting to compare the two whenever it does happen, and having more options isn't a bad thing.


However, would it be possible to release this translation in patch form? Fuwanovel doesn't actually allow download links to non-free VNs anymore. And neither does VNDB, if we wanted to add this there. 

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Thanks @Decay.


The script files for Corpse Party were loose, so it's a pretty easy matter to upload a torrent of the script files on their own. Where would you suggest posting these?


Also, I'm very aware that it is redundant, and technically offers less than the other version, but I translated it for a university project, and no that is over, I really didn't want my 5 months of work to go completely to waste.


...I was actually unaware that Fuwanovel changed it's policy...

Am I still allowed to mention the site without linking it, or should I remove the link from my post?

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If the script files are small, a site like mediafire would suffice, no torrents necessary. To be honest, I don't fully know what exactly is and isn't allowed when linking torrents, and whether or not it's okay to link a legal torrent on a site that also offers illegal ones. Unless a mod says otherwise, I'd suggest replacing the torrent link completely. 


And yeah, the policy change happened back in February. 

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Awesome! Thanks for this ^_^



idk about Fuwa's philosophical stance regarding them T's, but in terms of site policy the rule is no linking torrents or mentioning sites which provide torrents/illegal downloads as their primary service/attraction.


so no saying meow in J if its referring to that, and no eroge with the D, etc. etc.  :makina:


Your mediafire patch is 100% a-okay!

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Ah, a competitor? ; )


Actually, I'm Iarumas, the head of the translation project you're talking about. Talk about irony, but I just finished replying to another thread about our patch and this one here mentions it, too. Thank you for placing your faith in our translation, we are doing our best to deliver the best possible final product that we can. I'll try to keep you guys more up to date now that I am aware of the existence of these threads.

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Hahaha, I'd hardly say competitor, but thanks!

I was wondering if you ended up being able to translate the menus or the item text? By coincidence, I ended up using the same workaround as you guys, but that is the best I could do (I'm not a programmer, and therefore I don't know how to work with code caves).

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Thanks for the support you gais. I am still a Japanese student, and I was rushed for time on this, but I did make this for the Corpse Party addicts (like me). My point is that I wasn't working with a team and have very little experience, so I only hope that it meets your standard as far as fan translation goes

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