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Is 12Riven a good visual novel?

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I read the description for visual novel 12Riven. It seems very interesting. So I wonder, is it good. It seems to be from the people who made Ever17. I really liked Ever17.


What kind of novel is 12Riven? Would you recommend it?


And is it possible to play it? From what I understand it is translated but I am not sure if there are other things to be done.

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12Riven was being translated by Lemnisca TL. They finished TL and almost finished editing (or they finished editing and nearly finished the QC? I don't remember) 12Riven. At Anime Expo, however, it was revealed that Lemnisca is partnering with Sekai Project to officially localize Root Double. As a part of their contract, they took down their previously released patches as well. They hadn't started translating Root Double beforehand so they'll probably be busy with that for a while. Probably they'd need to partner with Sekai again to be able to release their 12Riven translation, and that isn't happening anytime soon.


At least Root Double is great from what I've heard, you'll like it if you liked E17.

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