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Sakura Series announcement & wailing thread

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I have a Korean friend on Steam(Claims to be Korean that is, I have no real idea)


He has over 60 hours in the first Sakura game. I never played them, but isn't it like a 7-8 hour VN?

Pshhh, "private time" is factored in those. A man's gotta do what he's gotta do right? xD

Or maybe the game was so bad, he fell asleep in front of his computer and let the game running. I did too when I played a couple of Sakura games. The plot was just way too predictable and uninteresting. 

Reminds me of RPGmaker with some Steam games. Like a 10 year old could make them in his basement. They are all the same crap but they sell rather well. 

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Well its not like that it takes much effort to produce these shity games. The "plot" is probably written in 30 minutes, mix in some pictures/background and et voilà new sakura game released~

This is how it probably goes down in their meeting.

"All right boys! We have 35 hours until we release a new game. Do any of you guys have an idea for the story? 

 *Jenkins raises his hand*

"Last night I watched a porno so what if we just use the same story from the porno for our game. All we have to do then is just take out all of the sex."

"Jenkins! You're a Genius!  :bow: You're getting a promotion and you get the honor of naming the game!"

"Oh boy!"

"Harvey! Get the wheel!"

"Yes sir!"

*Harvey pulls out a giant wheel*

"Okay Jenkins! Spin that wheel!"

"Okay sir!"

*tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick... tick...tick*

"What does it say Jenkins?"

"Our next game will be called Sakura Exile!"

" Once again you have blown my socks off Jenkins! I'm giving you a raise!"


Or something like that.


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