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Hi everyone, I like yandere characters.

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Hi everyone.


It's nice to meet you all and as you can see I have an interest in VNs like you guys here at the forums.

For five years now I have an interest in VNs with my first one being Blazblue: Calamity Trigger. Over these years though, I started to develop a more interest in eroge than an all age VN because in my opinion, they tend to have a better storyline overall. My first eroge that I played was Soul LInk.


As you can see from my topic title, I have an interest in yandere characters from VNs because it's something that you don't normally see in real life. My profile picture also says it all but she's not really yandere but more of a scheming type which I also dig. To be honest here, I mainly focus on characters who have a hidden personaity. This is because these characters when exposed, start to reveal their side to you, something that no one else can see. Doesn't that make you feel special?

It can range from a devious personality to a mean one as well as having a cheeky person with a hidden agenda.


I like any types of VNs that have an interesting storyline and characters. I also like vanilla stories as well, if I feel like reading any romance novels such as Hoshizora no Memoria, Princess Evangile and Da Capo.


With that being said, do you guys have any recommendations of any good VNs based on these preferences? I'm willing to take any recommendations from you all.



Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope to get along with you guys in the future.

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Welcome! I recommend Noble Works; it's similar to Princess Evangile, but only the common route is finished at the moment and the translation sucks. :sleep:


I hope you enjoy your time here!

Thanks. I'll take a look at this VN as well. Maybe I'll wait for the final patch to be released until I play it.



Welcome to Fuwa and its nice to meet you jetpack003

I recommend Da Capo 2 since its smilar to Da Capo but have more intressing story than Da Capo:-)

I hope I can be friends with you in the future

Nice to meet you too. I have heard of Da Capo II and seen rumor that it was better than the first game. I'll give that one a shot too.



Welcome to Fuw! enjoy your stay.


you should read Yandere! if you already haven't https://vndb.org/v1303

Haha. Thanks for your suggestion but I have already played this one. I couldn't be a yandere lover if I haven't even read this VN.

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Do you want to be my friend? And we can chat over PM about VN:-)

Sure, let's do that.


Welcome to the community! I hope to see you around, and hope you enjoy your stay!

Thanks, I appeciate that.


Hi there, welcome to the forums. Nice to see that you have played BlazBlue at one point. I'm guessing Nu 13-chan got you into yanderes?

Haha, yeah you're right. Nu-13 got me into yanderes since it was something unusual at the time. I think it was when she was repeatedly stabbing Ragna and saying that she loved him.

It was twisted and evil but I liked it so I looked into it more. Eventually it was a bit intense for me so I decided to broaden my views and look into characters with hidden personalities as well.


Nice to see someone with similar opinions in yanderes.

Welcome to the community,

For a vanilla game . you should try Little Busters! https://vndb.org/v5

For a more dark themed Vn i would recommend School days.But it's a game where most people like it or really hate it.https://vndb.org/v14


Little Busters? I've heard of that game but I didn't try it since it involves a bit of gameplay. I'm a bit lazy so I stayed off it because I prefer to be reading and realaxing at the same time.

As for School Days, I've seen the anime and have read the reviews on it. It's definitely a dark themed VN so I might prepare myself before I play it.

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