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Evilobject Translations Project: Lover Able [Need TLC,QC]

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Project Introduction
Started 2015-09-14.



VNDB link
No website atm.

There will be a prologue release Soon™

Routes	Kb	Done	Percent
Common	452	277	61,28
Kaho 	277	0	0,00
Nanako	277	0	0,00
Satsku	165	0	0,00
Tinatsu	263	0	0,00
Tugumi	292	0	0,00
Total	1726	277	16,05


Estimated raw translations completion 12-24 months.

Staff or Team Members
Translator Evilobject/Myself
Editors: @OutoftheBox
TLC; TastefulSardine 
Hacker/Tools : SomeLoliCatgirl ?

Old members: OhIThinkTheyLikeMe


Currently need TLC and a QC
Any help is appreciated, just send me a message or maybe add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197986101832.

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good luck with the project ! :D



This one looks interesting. Good luck with the project. I know there were many others that were interested in this one.



Good luck! On a side note, doesn't this belong in Translation projects, rather than TL discussion.



Moved to Translation Projects.  Good luck ^_^



This one looks good. Good luck with the project! :)


Thanks for showing an interest.


I'll be cheering you on! Make sure you have fun while working on it, it's the best way to work. ;)


Since the translations is the actual playthrough it does help with motivation a bit.


Ohh~ another interesting VN that is gonna be translated, well good luck with the project.  ;)


Nothing is certain yet but hopefully it will get finished with some help.

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lol, that is definitely very quick. I'm one of the ones who tracks progress for Fuwanovel's VNTS. I'd say you're at least twice as fast as the average active translator. I'm not saying that's bad thing, just surprising. 


I think it's important to make alot of progress at the start also im not going to be able to make much progress or any at all between 22-28 so im trying to make up for that.

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I guess it's time to make an update. I've been behind on the editing since I just started a new job and my composition class is about to finish in a week so there's been a lot of school work and online work to do. I'm 50% done but I need to re-edit what I've done so I'll finish in a week or two. Hopefully.


Edited by OhIThinkTheyLikeMe
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