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cutest girl/heroine in Little Busters! ?


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  1. 1. Who do you think is the cutest girl/heroine in Little Busters! ?

    • Komari Kamikita
    • Rin Natsume
    • Haruka Saigusa
    • Kudryavka Noumi
    • Yuiko Kurugaya
    • Mio Nishizono
    • Sasasegawa Sasami
    • Futaki Kanata
    • Tokido Saya

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Hmm, by cute you mean just their looks or +personalities/habits? I wonder why Saya is not on the list. She's the epitome of tsundere in LB!

oh i only added the characters from the original LB, but i will add Saya

With it in mind that "cute" is different than "hot," it feels like it would be a criminal act not to vote for Kud here.

I KNOW !! :lol:

From what I remember of when I played Little Busters!, I liked Haruka the most. I liked her pretty much all around. Definitely best grill in LB! for me.

so far i liked her route the most, many feels there !

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This isn't even a "cutest" girl thread anymore, it's a "who is the best girl" poll now. I mean seriously, Kurugaya is not cute. She shouldn't even be tied with Kud because that's just trolling.


I think people confuse someone being cute based on their personality rather than looks alone. I am not a huge fan of Kud or Komari, and even I know solely based on looks, they should win this competition.

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