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Evening Fuwa..Recomend a Mystery

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Good evening Fuwa, I have not been online in months and started to come back into reading more Visual Novels. Lately I have been reading Never7 and Ever17 but it isn't that type I am looking forward to at the moment.

Ok the recommendation I am looking for at the current moment is as follows..


To me it has to have atleast multiple routes, Unlockable routes(such as New game there would be more choices) and a gameplay elemnt which I will describe now.


That would be the main elements of the Vn I would like to read..

as for the other parts I am looking for would be

1: Mystery.. I am looking for a Vn that is similar to 999(9 doors 9 hours etc.) and Dangan ronpa.. that element where you find items or clues and you work your way through the Vn...

2: Romance... I would like there to be a romance part to it towards the end atleast but it doesn't have to be included.

3: Gameplay: as mentioned in the Mystery part, Where you can interect with the game by finding clues and or things like that to find the truth of whatever the Vn is about.. Would be nice to have things like map movement but isn't required.

4: Bad ends.. in a way I wouldn't mind them as these style of Vn I'm looking for would have them like DR and 999 had.



Anything else I'm relatively find with...


If you happen to know of a similar but not exact type then it would be fine and I would look and see how it is..

Thank you for your time and it is good to be back.

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Cartagra comes before of KnS :D


Btw, I'd recommend to read the sequel of 999, VLR. You could also read Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, although the mistery part depends solely on you, since the novel doesn't give the answers to you.

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YU-NO fits what you are looking for to a tee. It's a point and click adventure for the most part, and there indeed are mysteries you will sove as well as items you will need throughout your journey. Its story does kind of resemble especially 999 in many ways. There are routes, and they have romance (H-scenes too). There are bad endings as well, though I wouldn't say they are as detailed as 999- they are usually more akin to being "game over" endings.

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