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How to have text slowly show up 1 line at a time?

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I prefer reading VNs with 1 line slowly showing up instead of having the full text and/or line being displayed at once. I was reading Umineko No Naku Koro ni Chiru when I suddenly must have pressed some button that changed that setting, the lines/ text are displayed immediatley.


Does anyone know how to revert to the previous setting?


Thank you

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depends on the visual novel, but some visual novels they work like this:

First time you read it the text shows in slow way or it even follows the voices of the characters (this can be configured in the settings most of the time) but after you read it it will be displayed in 1 time giving you chunks of text at the same time, it is a way to show/inform you that you have already read those lines, a game that uses this method is fate/stay night for example.

Can you fix this after reading those lines? nope, the only way to fix it is deleting the save file that the visual novel auto generates (not the save file you create)

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Either you have changed the text speed or you have enabled the option to display a whole page at a time.

The text speed is controlled by pressing 1,2 or 3 on your keyboard.

If you have switched to one page display mode you can switch back to normal mode or from normal mode to full page mode by pressing O.

These are the default shortcuts to onscripter so if Umineko uses custom ones it won't work but I'm pretty sure it uses the default.

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Thanks for the advice!


I think it might be indeed caused due to "read lines". I did accidently press "S" (skip lines) instead of "A" for auto mode once, which caused it to skip a bunch lines. I'm not sure whether pressing 1/2/3 works in slowing down text, but it seemd to work when I reloaded an old save state.

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