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Battle of Wits type of VN

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You monster!!!!


In a way, I get what he means about Sharin no Kuni. I love the game but the pacing is uneven. The dramatic start contrasts pretty hard with the extended school life antics immediately after.


That said, it's fully worth it to push through and get to the meat of the routes. Some of the twists later on hit me with an almost Sixth Sense level of "Oh snap."

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yep sharin no kuni suffers from a bad pacing but the plot it's amazing and it has one of the best plot twist ever, you really don't see it coming at all, still if you find boring the setting and the story about the punishments then there is no reason to push yourself into it, if it was for the slow pacing then try to give it another chance like mjriedstra said.

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Danganronpa might count (it's everyone vs. the murderer) but it isn't probably not exactly what you are looking for.

I watched the anime, it isn't really what I'm looking for in a VN, I'll give an example:


Something like Haru and Barton in World End Economia (it will eventually happen in the 3rd part of the trilogy which I'm waiting for atm)

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