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Visual novel where you are in a position of power


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I am looking for a Visual novel where you are in a position of some power. But you are not at the top and can't afford doing anything. So, you do have people who are superior to you but you are still not just an ordinary human.


Well, position where you have certain privileges that allow you to do some things that other usual people are not allowed or can't do. By privileges I mean rights, not magic powers. Well, unless rights were about using magic.


Example of this would be G - Senjou no Maou or Sharin no Kuni.


Both characters have their superiors but have certain privileges themselves.


Grisaia no Kajitsu would not be the best example because while you do have superiors, you do not have any rights over other characters.

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Somewhat more game than VN is the yuri mystery game Black Closet from the person behind Long Live the Queen.  In it, you are the head of the student council and you issue orders to your minions in order to solve various mysteries both small and large.  The game is all about the power you're given and when the right time to wield it is.  It's very fun and I highly recommend it. 

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