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Majikoi A Translation Project Discussion

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No need to rush things tho, we're patient people (well, most of us :wacko:) , take all the time ya need


About the route lengths, there's rough estimates of the script sizes on minatosoft's site, I wrote them down a while ago:


Sayaka: 280-300K

Azumi: 370-380K

Benkei: 400-420K


C4IS: 400K

Seiso: 420-450K

Monshiro: 200K


Tsubame: 300K

Lee: 370K

Stacy: 370K


Rin: 400K

Homura: 400K


Yoshitsune: >400K

Margit: >400K

Takae: >400K


Don't have script sizes for S routes to compare unfortunately, but if you've read Sayaka already you can kinda guess how long the other routes are

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How much money/resources does it take to make you finish? I wouldn't mind donating to your mountain dew/red bull/coffee funds. xD


@Skyzzed: Are all the A routes combined about as big as the whole Majikoi S in terms of script sizes?


@Jun: Monshiro's route is short and sweet. All that matters. Although, there's a huge scene at the end that is quite eye catching. ^_^

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Script length in kilobytes looks weird~

But to put the numbers in perspective for people who've played S: 300KB was the length of Koyuki's route.


The fact that we're working in parallel (me on Benkei, Storyteller on Azumi, and then checking each other's work) means a partial patch doesn't really make sense.

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I personally was pretty satisfied with Mon's route in S and don't really feel like it needs anything more. Of all the S routes I think it was the most robust. Tsubame's route wasn't bad and she's great as a character, but her plot developments felt hard to buy into by comparison.


Though for Inoue Jun, I guess Mon's route could be the size of the Song of Ice and Fire and still seem inadequate.


Loliconia ... banzai!!

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No, there will be no partial patches. No, we don't take donations. Yes, the scripts are huge. Yes, there are a lot of them.



Wanko best girl.


+1 Wanko ftw, but I also like Benkei. Even though it has less drama, you can really see her growth as a character and not just Yoshitsune's follower. As much as I am looking forward to Azumi's personality changes, I'm looking forward to the translations on Benkei route since I'm about half-fluent in Japanese and I would like to understand her story more.


I'm not rushing you guys regarding my donation suggestion. I usually do it for charity and don't expect anything from it since I know the work that entails with translating. I know Majikoi S translation project was hard work and people who translate don't do it full-time but more like a hobby or a summer vacation activity. 


Also regarding that Sayaka patch released by Wairu, my game crashes with some kind of "NeXus" error or something whenever I try to view/replay the H-scenes in the Gallery after I installed it. Is there a way to fix this or do I just need to save before H-scenes while playing the routes?

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So Margit is the more popular route to the Japanese fans?


For one because


Kokoro's route was pretty short and shallow, but it at least it felt like a route. Margit's route was just a rough collection of h-scenes with flimsy justification. 


but yea, Margit is also more popular, she was #1 in the latest popularity poll, while Koko and Yuki weren't even in the top 10

I don't really agree with that, but that's how it is^^

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