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Finished Bethly's route in Gin'Iro, Haruka.

Well, to be honest, with my reading speed and how everyone say the VN is freaking long, I thought I'd need at least a week to finish one route, but it "only" took me 4 days (would say around 25-30h).

The art is really beautiful, and I liked the BGMs. It was interesting to follow the life of the characters from middle school to marriage (the University arc was really nice, and I was suprised by the young adult work arc, I thought they would marry directly, but no. It was interesting to know all these things about international marriage)

Like usual, I want to say many things, but I'm not good in sorting them, so I don't write anything in the end...

Well, anyway. At first, I only wanted to read Behtly's route because of how long it is, but now I'm also interested in Hinata, and the others too to some extent.

I don't know if I'll wait a few days/weeks before playing again, as I'm the type to stop totally when I stop for a few days (The most notable one being Ever 17, I've been stalling it for what, 3 years? 4 years? I wonder when I'll finally go back to it...). I just hope I'll be able to not think too much about Bethly. As much as I like her and am attached to her, the end was satifying, so now it's the turn of the other girls to be happy.

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I recently finished Kanojyo-tachi no Ryuugi. Going into the VN, I somehow mixed up this title with another VN, Yuri Kago no Naka, and thought it was going to be a hyper-chuuni novel. Well, it definitely wasn't that, but it was pretty good anyways.
The VN starts out with the MC returning to old home where he sees his older twin sisters for the first time in five years. He is pretty miffed when his older sister Tobari ignores him completely. Especially since he (MC's name is Kotarou) holds a bit of an inferiority complex towards her. She does recruit him to the theatre club in order to perform at the upcoming school festival.  He's going to be playing the main heroine alongside her as the hero. Yep, it's a VN with crossdressing. The MC is voiced, too (hooray!)
I found the BGM well-fitted for each of the scenes. It looks like they paid attention there. Was really impressed by the voice acting for Tobari, Akane, and Suzutsuki. The early dialogue had  a bit of characterization, but the voice acting really gave it life. Though when I saw Seseri's (blue-haired hopelessly genki-naive type) character I cringed at the thought of having to bear with her for the rest of the VN. 
I really liked Suzutsuki's (Pink-haired girl) route who I played first. Her route was super short (literally 6-7 scenes!!!), but it had this amazing atmosphere. She ends up being my favourite girl. Next I played Seseri's route, which mostly boring. Then was Akane (the older twin sister). Her route wasn't extensive like I thought it was, but it does provide some important facts about the sisters and their family. After that I skipped the other two minor heriones and went  for the Tobari's route, the true herione's. While doing her route, I still found the events seems pretty underwhelming (just seemed like Kotarou arguing a lot with Tobari). But then the latter part of her route comes, and it's pretty good. At the end of the route there's this big perspective change which pretty much is the culmination of the entire route. It was amazing the first time, but it took me a second read to connect the pieces. Now I finally get why everyone on erogegamescape keeps saying the game exists for the sake of Tobari. Basically the whole game is revolving about Kotarou's (the MC) and Tobari's relationship (or apparent lack of one), and her mental state.
It's kind of an unexpected work (old, heavy character-focus, and yet not being about the normal romance progressions), but the cg, music, voice acting, and characters are all quite good. Would recommend to someone who wants to read a character-focused story and doesn't mind the crossdressing, the unusual combination of elements, or the short length.
As a side note, I think the crossdressing was more to allow Akari and Tobari to exhibit some S-traits during the sex scenes. The sex scenes are generally pretty mild, but the thing is, Kotarou is actually in the M position a lot of the time, which makes it feel more 'out there' than most crossdressing vns. I dunno. Kotarou's not bad relatively speaking, but some of the stuff made me groan a bit inside.


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So, I finally finished Lovely & Cation 2. Like the first one, this was a pure dating sim where you choose locations and buy items or do stuff to raise your stats. High stats or specific items can then unlock hidden events, CG's, other items and additional H-scenes. I guess having certain stats too low can also give you a bad end. I personally just played easy mode, and so it was more about getting all goodies a route has to offer.

What probably stands out the most about the game is its pretty art that made Iizuki Tasuku one of the most popular artists. Due to its dating sim nature the VN puts an unusual strong emphasis on the dating aspect, putting the interaction with the chosen character first and almost neglecting story aspects. Naturally, that's a double edged sword since for someone who expects an interesting story this is certainly the wrong title. On the other hand it shines in the romance and character interaction departments. It neither waters down the tension of the romances with unnecessary comedy nor does it get too serious like a nakige.

It's also a very ero heavy title, which is considering the good art a big plus and certainly one of its strongest attraction points. The original already has about 10 H-scenes per heroine, but since I played the Zutto Hatsukoi no Hibi Edition with all after stories, there were an additional 7 - 8 scenes per heroine. That's not to say it's a nukige, it actually takes quite a while of relationship building until the characters get intimate.

Art quality is mostly comparable to the the predecessor which was already top-notch, although they added animated walking scenes like in ef where the characters talk while walking somewhere. On the other hand there's one point that didn't improve at all: Iizuki Tasuku's obscure denial to draw any side characters. It's almost baffling, that this artist has no problems drawing tons of gorgeous art for the main heroines but refuses to draw even the most essential side characters. And this stood even more out here than in L&C1 since there are two rather prominent side characters with lots of screen time. L&C1 also used a rather elegant trick and made two heroines friends of each other, one acting as prominent side character in the route of the other. The heroines in L&C2 felt a bit more isolated because of this.

The heroine routes itself were enjoyable and I think longer than in its predecessor, but they also felt a bit more generic in comparison which might be partly due to the two teacher routes in the first part that added some nice extra tension. The heroines were all likable, although I didn't play Hinata's route. While she's certainly cute and I liked her, she was simply a bit too loli for my taste, especially considering the ero heavy nature of the game. Hime was the lively beauty next door, very similar to Yuuki in the first part. Wakote the adored school pincess and elite student similar to Sera in the first part. And finally Seine, the silent and introverted beauty with empathy problems with some similarities to Aya in the first part. Overall I liked Seine a tiny bit more than the others, followed by Wakoto and Hime.

So Seine > Wakoto >= Hime > Hinata

Overall rating: 7,5/10 (Almost as good as the first part, but not quite)



I somehow wasn't motivated enough to continue with Ikusa Megami Verita, but somehow got interested in Dungeon of Regalias instead and played that almost half through, just to completely loose motivation and stalling it again. The gameplay was petty addictive though - fast-paced and fun. I just wish Astronauts writing would be just half as good as their sense for fun and addictive game mechanics. Art wise it's IMHO a bit weaker than the previous titles.

Besides that I played Itsu made mo Boku dake no Mama no Mama de ite!, a nukige with animated scenes which was unfortunately not as good as I hoped it would be due to the annoying mother festish obsession of Japanese eroge writers with all female characters that 'might' be older than 20. Overall rating: 5,5/10



Next Japanese VN on my list is Shin Koihime † Eiyuutan to celebrate the upcoming release of Kakumei. :rolleyes:

I also have my eyes on the upcoming Hyakki Ryouran no Yakata from Astronauts: Sirius, the long awaited unofficial successor to Kiriya Hakushakuke no Roku Shimai from Atelier Kaguya which is still one of my all time favorites. I've mixed feelings about it though. This is not a gameplay title and Astronauts didn't exactly impress me with their writing in recent years, and their last try with Saint Estella was quite disappointing. I'm still slightly optimistic, Saint Estella just got 11 months of development time while Hyakki Ryouran is getting almost 1,5 years. So they are taking their time for this one. They better don't mess that up again, or I'd be pretty pissed. <_<

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14 hours ago, ChaosRaven said:

somehow got interested in Dungeon of Regalias instead and played that almost half through, just to completely loose motivation and stalling it again. The gameplay was petty addictive though - fast-paced and fun. I just wish Astronauts writing would be just half as good as their sense for fun and addictive game mechanics. Art wise it's IMHO a bit weaker than the previous titles

Dungeon of Regalias was imho the best RPG of 2016 and I'm so disappointed there was nothing this year. I'm really surprised how good Astronauts Sirius is with making RPGs when they aren't even a dedicated RPG company like for example Eushully.
I played the game on hard and I was surprised how well-balanced and engaging the gameplay is. It felt like every skill was meticulously designed to offer a variety of valid strategies and tactics the player can choose from to overcome the quite difficult challenges (on hard). It's something you can usually only find in hardcore nerdy dungeon crawlers.

Of course, the writing is awful, same as literally every other Astronauts Sirius game. I probably won't even bother to look at the new one since it does not have any gameplay which is the only redeeming quality of the company. :amane:

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Read 炎の孕ませ転校生 and こんな娘達におもいっきり射精したい -ある美少女戦士達の変態願望- while the forum was down.

Synopsis for


In 炎の孕ませ転校生 you are a boy with big ambitions. World conquest. The world is rotten, politicians are corrupt etc.
But how does one achieve world conquest. Looking at rulers and influential people they all have one thing in common.
They are surrounded by women who carry their offspling. Conclusion --> impregnate everyone.
You have to begin somewhere, namely your school. But there aren't any girls there.
So you transfer to a school which recently went co-ed. You become the TENKOUSEI.

You have 40 days to impregnate your 22 classmates.


The game is quite simple you have 40 days, everyday you can go to 2 places during lunch and 2 after-school.
Meet enough times with every girl until you can sex her. Some girls have to be sexed before others etc.

Looking at the play time on vndb this seems like a short Nukige. Ensnaring 22 girls takes quite some time, this is definitely of medium length.
Most of the 22 girls were quite likeable and give you some nice slice-of-life, some sex scenes were animated,  fully voiced by like 5 VAs(for 22 People)...

I'm giving this game a perfect 5/7


Synopsis for こんな娘達におもいっきり射精したい -ある美少女戦士達の変態願望


You like the four Sailor Senshi of the outer planets. (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn)

You even have a blog about them. Some day you receive a mail from the girls asking for you to listen to their troubles.

You choose one of them and more or less consensually teach her about the men and the women.

Pretty straight-forward Nukige. 5 sex scenes and 2 Endings for every girl. 2 extra scenes with several of the girls. Total of 400+ CGs

CGs are typical Saberfish work, the looping moans aren't even that bad(except for some Haruka ones...), nice bodebaras, only two locations(bedroom and bathroom), Hotaru is best girl.

A perfect 5/7 Saberfish Nukige.



If you want to see something scary look at this HCG from 炎の孕ませ転校生



(the other CGs were alright)


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