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Immoral Little Translation Project


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Well, here we are once again with another translation project.

After the success of Lilium x Triangle I was thinking of taking a break for a while but, honestly, with college starting and me taking Japanese classes, I figured it wouldn't hurt to have a project on the side to work on, and it's also a good way to kind of level up for me.

The game in question this time is another nukige titled Immoral Little by Apricot Cherry.
Warning: Copious amounts of lolis

Project Info:

Immoral Little is about 4 times the length of Lilium x Triangle with 11.6k lines of text so this will definitely be an increase in workload, and obviously the time needed to complete it will definitely not be the same as Lilium x Triangle was.

As far as updates go, I probably will not be updating this every 200-500 lines like last time but instead whenever I feel like there was significant progress made.

This will be a much longer journey so I hope some of you will at least stick around and support us in bringing more lolis to the west. 

No screenshots on the OP because everything's NSFW.

Current progress:

  • Translation: 21%

Current Project Staff

  • Translator/Project Lead: Nosebleed
  • Editor: Ryechu
  • Hacker: binaryfail
  • QC: Jun Inoue

Looking for:

  • (Nothing atm)


When will the project be done?
February 30th

How long is this game?
About 5-6 hours depending on reading speed.

Will you ever release a partial?
Probably not.

Will you translate the sequel?

I want to help.
Currently we're nor looking for any positions but I'll post here if I ever need somebody.

Where's my yuri!?
There was only one other yuri game I had interest in but there's a high chance that MangaGamer will license it and I do not wish to get in MangaGamer's way and deal with NDAs or DMCAs, hence why I gave up on the idea. And no I do not wish to work with MangaGamer either at this point in time.

Why are you translating a nukige again!? I don't like it!
Mom, is that you?

Stop ruining the visual novel world.

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Because I'm a masochist.


And because we can now use cucumbers to immitate dick sounds which will make transcribing lines much more easy.


Nosebleed does not realize exactly how accurate this statement is going to be from an editing perspective.  Poor soul.

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EH?! Where did you take that from?! I am XY, there's no way I can be a mother!


Why are you translating a nukige again!? I don't like it!

Mom, is that you?


T_T Another nukige...


2 + 2 = 4


Hue (You should probably never click this. Ever. I am not responsible if you click this.)

Clicked link, immediately regretted it and nope'd the hell out of there.  How I wish dual mind and eye bleach was a thing...

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That's astro-talk for "I highly approve of this, where can I find more?"


ANYWAY, looking forward to working on this one, too.  Maybe my cucumber skills will finally be put to good use.



Question: how, well, extreme is the femdom?  Just wondering, since it's kinda hard to tell from the CGs on VNDB, and I don't usually like looking up CG galleries because it's pretty risky if you actually want to be surprised by anything.

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