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@NutakuDev -- You mentioned you wanted to help foster an American development scene. I ended up trying Aigis recently and have been surprised at what appears to be a pretty terrible rapport between developer and publisher. As an American game developer, I thought this game was really well done in terms of balance and gameplay, especially while following a FarmVille style collection approach, but making it much more involved.


I think the one thing that really holds the American market back (on the supply side) is that quality anime artwork at decent prices seems to be much more available to studios in Japan -- and for those of us with game production skills but no contacts and a massive language barrier, it seems hard to get involved.


Have you considered trying to act as a liason between American studios/devs and artists?

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@NutakuDev Played Guardian Mistress over on dmm and found their video integration not half bad. I also found that the stamina system on that game hasn't been that restrictive yet though it seems like grinding will be required to 100% clear all the drops. You should consider bringing that one over. Gameplay isn't bad from first impression but will need more time with it to give a real eval on the true depth

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@darkmarmot - Agreed, Aigis is a great game, and very engaging. The gap between events have been a disappointment for us. That said, if the developer is only interested in releasing events bi-weekly, that's their prerogative. There seems to be a lot of confusion about this on a number of forums. Nutaku is not going to threaten to shut down someone's game because they're not meeting fan expectations. If the players are unhappy they will express it themselves.


@Alucard - Guardian Mistress looks good, thanks for bringing it to our attention. We're currently scouting for new titles for 2016 and will take a deeper look into it.

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News that Nutaku has defaced the art in their latest game with censorship has been generating quite the backlash.  It's not just lolis anymore.  Nuns, symbols of bondage, and even bunny ears are no longer safe.





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I've been playing Girls Kingdom.  Here's my mini-review (reposted from VNDB):

The translation in Girls Kingdom is terrible: probably the worst translation I've ever seen in a professional eroge release. The English is poor and in addition many of the lines aren't even accurate to the dialogue. The descriptions of critical aspects of gameplay are occasionally worded so poorly as to be indecipherable. I've had to look up stuff in the Japanese wiki more than once.

On the other hand, the loli sex scenes don't appear to be censored, which was a pleasant surprise. Nicole is about as loli as it gets, and her scene doesn't appear altered--though her chest was unexpectedly un-flat, so maybe they redrew it? Can't say for sure, but the peep show H-scene is intact if badly mistranslated.

Despite the terrible translation, I'm actually enjoying this game--moreso than Aigis. It addresses many of the complaints I had with that game, including the mindless grinding and the reliance on pattern memorization. Instead, the game rewards effective strategy and matches are more or less decided by effective planning--and everything you need to craft your strategy is available simply from the map preview (rather than having to watch the battle play out to plan out countermeasures). This means a careful player can beat a difficult map on his first try without having to watch someone else play the map first. The incorporation of player-generated content (versus mode) is an ingenious means of maintaining a steady flow of content in what is essentially still a single-player game. Watching people smash their heads against your map is endlessly entertaining.

With Girls Kingdom I've finally encountered a F2P game I can actually get behind--and am actually willing to pay for.

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