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I think I have enough QP for a little while

Yeaaaaah son

4 hours ago, Valmore said:

Unless they keep the mana prism CE around another month and they run an event that gives oodles of prisms, I don't think I'll be able to get the other 4 to max it out.

Chaldea Lunchtime is a good CE though :rimu:

But i guess you can save your mana prism for Monalisa CE, which is also good i guess.

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Not sure if I like the Berserkers in there, and I like the Riders they've already given us, so....... I'll probably do Caster, 100% chance of getting servant I don't have that'll be useful. (Kinda hoping for Tamamo, Extella kinda got me to change my opinion on her.) 

Oh, huh, took another look at it, the Assassin + Extra one is kinda nice, 50/50 between Jack, arguably the best assassin, and Jeanne... she's okay.

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7 minutes ago, Flutterz said:

Hard call, I want to do berserker, but with Kintoki not there there's only a 1/3 chance of pulling Cu, if I do Caster it's 1/3 to get Waver, but knowing me I'll just pull Tamamo NP3, the other classes don't really interest me.

Get dat NP3 Tamamo Flutz.

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I do have 5 stars in Archer and Lancer I need to build up with XP (actually, I have both Tesla and Arjuna, but I think with my dick and I'm working on Archuria). Odd that at the time of the first guaranteed 5* pull I had no decent Archers, and then after Tesla in the pull I ended up with 2 others (this was during my small lucky streak).

In terms of just 5* servants I'm more then set on Archers (as you can see) and I have Tamamo Lancer as well as grailed J-Alter. But that's it - I could go for a 5* in any of the other classes. The Sabers, Riders and Assassins interest me most of the ones offered. Altera, Drake and Jack in particular. The Zerkers offered don't really interest me much. The Casters look somewhat appealing, though.

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18 hours ago, Jade said:

Chaldea Lunchtime is a good CE though :rimu:

But i guess you can save your mana prism for Monalisa CE, which is also good i guess.

Yeah, I'd love to get the needed 4000 MP to get the last 4 Chaldea Lunchtimes to get the 10% affection XP bonus but I'd need for it to stick around at least another month and then get one of those events that offers MP as a reward to subsidize the burning 3* servants and XP cards from Chaldea Gate quests.

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Paid Gacha do me well 10/10 do not regret





Also waste the 10 tickets in hope of getting Musashi



Fuck off Emiya

Got me excited for nothing



Result of 108 SQ: 4 Half Naked Emiya CE, NP3 GilCaster, and Lancelot

It's 17 Minute to 2017 and i already filled with :salt: 

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7 hours ago, Flutterz said:

Ayy lmao

  Reveal hidden contents


#ragrets #stillbetterthanathirdtamamo

Also smiles protected

  Reveal hidden contents




Just 5/93 servants left to max ascend


You still have chance to roll Kintoki though :rimu:

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34 minutes ago, Flutterz said:

100% chance to roll him 0% of the time :makina:

Just spend your lifesaving to buy like, a thousand Quartz Flutz i'm sure you get at least one Kintoki :holo:

8 hours ago, Valmore said:

Went for the Assassin+Extra. Figured win-win either way. Ended up with Jeanne, so now I have a Double-Jeanne account. Maybe next time, Jack.

What's in that 17 Mana Prism Bag, anyway?

20.17 Mil QP and 20.170 FP iirc

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