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Fate/Grand Order

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I think I have enough QP for a little while

Yeaaaaah son


Event page preview is up for the Fate/Zero collab. Looks pretty disappointing, thought it might be something like what they did with KnK. We'll unlock the four fights as we get more Tweets, for a total of 24k FP, 12 Quartz, one ticket, and four apples as rewards. And then Iskandar is coming, of course, so if you want him..prepare your wallets.

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3 minutes ago, Flutterz said:

Apparently we get a free 4* caster for completing all the main quests, so chop-chop :sachi:

And don't forget about Angry Manjew from the FP gacha, so if you're like me and have 300k FP, now's the time to use it.

Well, thank god it's not 4* Assassin :sachi: 

Would not complain about 4* Caster since i don't have one yet 

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Well, I said my goodbye to Fate Grand/Order. It was really pleasurable journey, full of luck and happy times.

I created my FGO account for the sole purpose of rolling Iskandar, and after 70 rolls I did it. And that's how I decided to end my FGO career, and switch to Granblue Fantasy.

May the King be with you thought, the true King! Wish you all 5* servant ticket rolls, even Flutterz.



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And another


Though I have to admit, she seems pretty useless aside from her NP, which isn't THAT amazing either.

Also I just need a few more bones for one of the 2* Assassins and all of my servants will be 2nd ascend or higher :Teeku:

Edit: So I did a tally of all the materials I'm lacking to max ascend all my servants, and it's 37 Caster Monuments, 53 Octuplet Crystals, 40 Horseshoes, 39 Pages, 203 Bones, 83 Void's Refuse, 28 Snake Jewels, 23 Homunculi, and 25 Seeds, in addition to about 64 million exp which is approximately 2000 4* exp cards. Sasuga Farm/Grind Order :makina:

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