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Fate/Grand Order

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I think I have enough QP for a little while

Yeaaaaah son

The upcoming update looks great.

link please~


いつも「Fate/Grand Order」をご利用いただきありがとうございます。 プロデューサーの庄司です。

  • As always, I would like to thank you for playing Fate/Grand Order. I am the producer, Shoji (庄司).

アカウントの一時停止措置実施に関する一連の混乱につきまして、お客様にはご迷惑ならびにご心配をおかけいたしましたことをあらためましてお詫びいたします。誠に申し訳ございませんでした。 当該の措置につきましては、お知らせに記載させていただきました通り、順次対応を行って参ります。恐れ入りますが、該当のお客様におかれましては今しばらくお待ちくださいますようお願いいたします。

  • The suspension on several accounts that occured a few days ago has caused quite the confusion and for that I would apologize to everyone. I am terribly sorry. As for the appropriate measure, just like we notified you earlier, we're dealing with it step by step (TL;Note Unban waves). However I'm afraid that the players still affected by this have to wait for a bit longer.


  • Now then, as for this producer letter I would like to guide you through our next major update, describing the upcoming events between the end of December to early January.





  • New additionals for Masters.
  • Increasing the level cap for Masters.
  • New commands ordered via Command spells will be added.
  • New clothes will be added.



・最終段階まで霊気再臨が完了しているサーヴァントに関して、自身のパーティ編成画面等に表示されるグラフィックに、最終段階のグラフィックが適用されるよう仕様を変更します。 (※他ユーザーから見た場合は第三段階のグラフィックが表示されます)


  • Fixes will made made to the Party composition
  • Ability to equip different CE's to the same party member on different parties (TL;Note Party I -> Party V etc, useful when you're using the same servant but with a different spec, for example, In PT1 I use Lancelot with Kaleidoscope for K-scope team, and in PT2 I use Lancelot again but with K/Z for Buster Zerk team ).
  • Final Ascension art being displayed on your party screen. (This only applies for yourself, other players will only see 3rd Ascension art.)
  • More party formations can be stored. (TL;Note Before Party I->V. Later Party I-> X?




  • Improvements to the UI
  • Ability to confirm the amount of Fou upgrades you have done to a servant.
  • In the Friend support screen, you can now check whether or not the their Servant's equipped CE is Maxed or not (TL;Note If a CE is 5/5 etc).




  • The launch of ACT4
  • The main scenario of ACT4 is planned for release between end of December to early January. (TL;Note Specifically in Japanese 下旬 means the last 10 days of a month and 初旬 means the first 10 days of a month.)
  • Please hold out for a bit longer.


  • That will be all, there will be an update when the content is released, please wait for a bit longer.


サービス開始以降、永らく課題となっておりましたサーバの改善につきまして、準備が完了いたしましたことをご報告させていただきます。 これを受け、12月13日(日)の深夜にサーバ移管のためのメンテナンスを実施いたします。永らくお時間を頂戴し申し訳ありませんでした。 移管に伴うメンテナンスの詳細につきましては、別途運営チームよりお知らせいたします。


  • About server improvements
  • Ever since the launch of Fate/GO, the preparations to our long lasting task of improving our servers have finally been done. This will be held late at night on 13th December (Sunday) JPT via maintenance. I apologize in advance for what might be a long maintenance. More details will be revealed in a future update.

  • That will be all for now.


  • Another time later, just like we announced via Twitter, follow-up information on the next event will be delivered at 15th December (Tuesday) JPT. Please look forward to it.
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How about an update for ENGLISH so I can read the dang thing?!?

*Sits and huffs in a corner*

You really don't need to know Japanese if you want to play it, half the stuff that matters is in English anyway, and for the rest there's a plethora of guides. :mare:

Guess I gotta pick the female avatar, the dude looks too much like Shinji.

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