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Fate/Grand Order

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I think I have enough QP for a little while

Yeaaaaah son

Pretty sure I have all of them but Marie, but aside from Jing Ke who was my very first servant and David whom I levelled to 30 right before the current event to get a half-decent archer, they're all level 1.


Had to use my seals for the lore, but that's probably only because I accidentally picked a Jeanne that wasn't my friend so I couldn't use her NP. I still got to the 3 golden nobus before dying, so maybe with her NP I'd've been able to beat it without using them.

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This game's sole purpose is to remind you of the following things:

1. There is no god.

2. The world is not fair.

3. You have shit luck.

4. Humans enjoy hurting themselves.

5. You have incredibly shit luck.

6. Karma does not exist. Some people are born with a bad omen and some a joyous fate. No pun intended.

7. All the good things you ever did are futile.

8. Your luck is shittier than FFXIII and Donald Trump's presidential speech combined.


The grass is always greener on the other side and there's nothing you can do about it.
Fate/Grand Order a.k.a. Farm/Grind Order a.k.a. How to Fuck Yourself in the Arse in 99 Different Ways.

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