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Fate/Grand Order

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NP5 lvl 96 Fujinon... I love Fujinon... haa haa...

Edit: And no, I didn't just use summon tickets (though I blew through thirty of those)... I broke down and bought enough SQ to get me there, since I love Fujinon both in the game and in KnK... best clairvoyant telekinetic serial killer ever...

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I'm curious... for those who actually bothered with Saber Wars, what was your party makeup?  I had Yagyu (my second max-skill Servant after Hokusai), Saberlot, Saber Alter, Nero Claudius, and my Altria Lily (usually with an Altria Lily support).  With the event CE (and Yagyu as my primary attacker), things usually went fast...  what was your Saber party like?

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