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Welcome To Pia Carrot! (PC-FX) English Translation

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Possibly one of the trickiest translations to get it to work properly. It envolves several steps and I took a good 4 hours just to get it to work the first time I was trying to play this game. I will make a step-by-step guide on how the process should be done.
Getting Welcome To Pia Carrot (PC-FX) to work:
1) Get the .iso file and the emulator. For PC-FX emulators I suggest Magic Engine-FX or Mednafen. Mednafen is a freeware while Magic Engine-FX is a demo which you can play the games for 5 minutes and then the game freezes. You can buy the full version on their website with no limitations: http://www.magicengi...mefx-test16.zipAfter that, replace the original .exe file that came with the one you just downloaded. I tried it on the other versions and it didn't work, that's why I recommended getting the 1.1.1 version earlier on.
4) About the ISO: First, make sure it's not corrupted. The first time I got the Pia Carrot iso, it did not work when I tried loading it on the emulator. After I tried downloading it from a different source, it worked just fine. Make sure there is a .cue file and a .bin fine inside the zipped file you downloaded.
5) Get the English patch. You can download it here: http://www.romhacking.net/translations/1372/
6) After you got the English patch, extract the files and put in one the same folder as the unzipped .cue and .bin files and the emulator. Make sure you have everything in the same folder, otherwise it will not work! Note: Do not open the patch file! Your game will not work if you do it and the .bin and .cue files will be ruined! Having the patch in the same folder as the game .bin and .cue files is enough to have it in English! Makes sense, right?  <_<
7) After you got the patch in the same folder as the .bin and .cue file, mount the .cue file into a virtual drive. Note: DO NOT MOUNT THE .BIN FILE. it will not work.
8) Open your emulator and try booting the CD. It should work now! Enjoy Welcome To Pia Carrot!
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Necro-bump, but this could to helpful to anyone who finds it.

I spent ages trying to get this to work with little luck. Used different emulators, burned discs, virtual drives, and so forth to no avail. Finally got it running with these simple steps:

- Place a copy of the game disc in your CD-ROM (or DVD-ROM) drive. I have a retail copy, but a burned copy should work.

- Download and install MagicEngine FX. I recommend forking over the cash for the full version. 

- Download the translation from romhacking.net.

- Place the .ppf file in the MagicEngine FX folder.

- Open MagicEngine FX, "reset" the system, and the game should then boot in English. 


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