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(roll)Back Again?

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There's not really much to say. My account got deleted in the rollback along with this topic, so I figured I might as well make it again.


My name's Joseph, studying Japanese, and my waifu is Shizuka. Started getting into actually collecting VNs a year ago instead of just playing them.


I enjoy J-pop, and J-rock. My favorite kinds of games are J-rpgs, and VNs...that's just about it really.



I've already seen some of you guys around the last day or so, and it has seemed like a pretty cool community :)




P.S. You don't know how hard the wait for "Rance 03" is



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Welcome, welcome, welcome JosephI64-san to our lair. Enjoy your time and relax here. Feel free to ask/discuss/share anything with us. Oho, you're a fan of Rance series, eh?

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