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Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! S



Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! S



     Good day everyone. This is the Maji de watashi ni koishinasai! S Walkthrough for the currently patched fully translated game. I made this first to fully explore the content of the game but since I’ve made a good progress with writing my own walkthrough, might as well share it with everyone.

     This is the sequel for the first Majikoi game which shows the future for the five main heroines while adding five more additional heroines to conquer. It’s great right?

     Since this is rated 18+, please be noted that there are a number of scenes that are for mature audiences. Falling under the said age is not advisable to play this game.

     With that said, have fun playing the game. GAME START!


     Majikoi is back and better than ever in this sequel to hit 2009 visual novel. Majikoi S takes place after the events of Majikoi and lets you choose which of Majikoi’s many endings to proceed from. Choose your favorite heroine and enjoy new romantic events with her, or choose to start with no commitment and romance one of 5 new heroines.


- J-List


Things to be noted before starting the game

     When starting the game for the first time, you are required to fill in your birth date. I recommend having a date closer to the actual date. This will give you an easy access to the Birthday Mode in the Extras rather than waiting for your actual birthday to view this mode. Well, you would be lucky if your actual birthday is near that you don’t have to adjust the date just to view this early.

     There is a random glitch where the game gives a completely different scenario when choosing from the dialogue box. It’s easy to notice based on what choice you pick and what the dialogue/ text comes after.  When this happens, just reload to the previous choices and pick again.

     Tatsuko’s route needs to be played twice for the Clear mark to appear in the Future Selection screen.

     Childhood unlocks after completion of all 10 routes. (Momoyo, Kazuko, Miyako, Yukie, Chris, Tsubame, Monshiro, Margit, Kokoro, Tatsuko).

     Future where you are an acquaintance of Takae unlocks after all routes are completed. After completion, an ALL CLEAR!! text should appear on the top right of the Future Selection screen.

     By the end of this walkthrough, The CG, Music, Replay, Event and Movie Collection are completed. Try to go for choices that you haven’t pick to see a different scene. Choices with [sAVE] and [LOAD SAVE] are choices needed to proceed to the end of each chosen routes while then you are free to choose any choice for the ones not marked.

Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order

     The suggested playing order is listed below for those who wanted to play the game efficiently. You can also play this by following this order:

     Kosugi > Common Route > Tsubame > Monshiro > Margit > Kokoro > Agave After > Tatsuko > Future with Momoyo/Kazuko/Miyako/Yukie/Chris > Childhood

Route Guideline



Kosugi Route


          Visit the tutorial room 9 times. (Clear)

Future with Kosugi Continued

          Visit the tutorial room 9 more times. (Clear)
                   CG 117 [14/14]; CG 118 [12/12]



Common Route

2nd year 1st semester
Future without a relationship

          Yoshitsune looks cute
                    CG021 [1/4]
          [sAVE 1] Don’t choose anything in the time box

                    CG 121 [1/6]; CG 126 [2/2]

          I think we’re similar. I would like to get along with her.

                    CG 021 [2/4]; CG 121 [3/6]

          I didn’t feel anything.

                    CG 052 [5/13]; CG 121 [5/6]; CG 125 [1/4]

          Drink it like a man.

                    CG 066 [4/4]

          I got it, a party.

          [sAVE 2] I think I should help her.

                    CG 001 [3/3]; CG 053 [1/2]

          I want to be owned.

          I am.



                    CG 052 [8/13]

          [sAVE 3] Refuse.

          [sAVE 4] Same as always, together with the Kazama Family. (Clear)



Future with Momoyo S After


                    CG 003 [3/9]

          I’m not fine.

                    CG 002 [14/14]; CG 003 [4/9]; CG 004 [12/12]; CG 005 [6/6]

          Kiss her

                    CG 003 [6/9]


          Kiss her.

          I’ll take her hand (Clear)

                    CG 003 [9/9]; CG 006 [9/9]; CG 007 [8/8]; CG 008 [5/5]; CG 009 [9/9]



Future with Kazuko S After


                    CG 011 [7/7]
          Have her wear them

                    CG 012 [15/30]

                              Choose “Don’t have her wear them” to get full CG’s

                    CG 012 [30/30]; CG 013 [2/11]

                                Shower her with love.

                    CG 013 [11/11]; CG 014 [19/19]

          Have her wear them (Clear)

                    CG015 [19/38]; CG 016 [6/12]

                              Choose “She doesn’t have to wear them” to get full CG’s

                    CG 015 [38/38]; CG 016 [12/12]; CG 017 [3/3]



Future with Miyako S After


                    CG 022 [15/15]; CG023 [6/6]; CG024 [6/6]; CG025 [2/2]; CG026 [4/4]; CG027 [1/1]; CG028 [9/9]; CG029 [12/12]; CG030 [9/9]; CG031 [15/15]



Future with Yukie S After


                    CG 032 [6/6]; CG033 [16/16]
          Father! Please give me your daughter~. (Clear)
                    CG 034 [8/8]; CG 035 [6/6]; CG 036 [8/8]; CG 037 [12/12]; CG 038 [13/13]; CG 039 [6/6]; CG 040 [8/8]; CG 041 [1/1]



Future with Chris After +S After


                    CG 042 [6/6]; CG 043 [7/7]; CG 044 [6/6]; CG 045 [18/18]; CG 046 [10/10]; CG 047 [5/5]; CG 048 [13/13]; CG 049 [12/12]; CG 050 [5/5];
                    CG 051 [8/8]



Tsubame Route


          [LOAD SAVE 4] I’m interested in Tsubame-senpai.
          Tsubame-senpai, it’s cute.
          I can’t choose… I’ll let her decide.
                    CG 054 [7/7]
          Slowing down when someone’s eating slowly.
                    CG 018 [1/6]; CG 053 [2/2]; CG 055 [2/3]
          Talk with Tsubame-senpai.
          That’s what it is, for now.
          Poke her back.
          Just let it go.
                    CG 052 [11/13]
          Say that it looks cool.
                    CG 056 [1/10]; CG 125 [4/4]
          [sAVE 5] I would like to go out with her
          Let’s go to love’s final destination! (Clear)

Future Where Tsubame Takes the Lead

CG 018 [3/6]

          Nee-san is weak against ghosts.

                    CG 056 [2/10]

          Let’s relax on the beach like adults. (Clear)

                    CG 052 [13/13]; CG 056 [7/10]; CG 057 [5/5]; CG 058 [1/13]

Future with Tsubame 1 After
                   CG 055 [3/3]; CG 060 [7/7]; CG 061 [38/38]; CG 062 [6/9]; CG 063 [5/5]


Future Where Yamato Takes the Lead

          [LOAD SAVE 5] I can’t say yes so simply.
                    CG 056 [8/10]
                    CG 056 [10/10]; CG 058 [13/13]; CG 059 [16/16]
Future with Tsubame 2 After
                    CG 062 [9/9]; CG 064 [13/13]; CG 065 [5/5]



Monshiro Route


          [LOAD SAVE 4] There are a lot of Kuki-related people, like Monshiro.
                    CG 019 [1/1]
          Emperor Go-Shirakawa
                    CG 067 [2/8]; CG 121 [6/6]
          I will show my strength… my manliness to Monshiro!
          Nice to meet you.
                    CG 067 [6/8]
          Be a man and take it all off.
                    CG 067 [8/8]
          Go for Yoshitsune.
                    CG 068 [5/5]
          [sAVE 7] I can’t right now. I’ll return the favor later.
          Want to be stepped on by Mon-sama.
                    CG 069 [3/3]; CG 070 [4/10]
          Catch Mon-sama.
          [sAVE 8] Both my mind and my body will fall for Mon-sama. (Clear)

                    CG 070 [5/10]

Monshiro Route Continued

                    CG 071 [3/3]
Future with Monshiro After

                    CG 072 [4/8]; CG 073 [16/16]; CG 074 [11/11]

          Hideo, Azumi, Yoshitsune, Benkei, and Yoichi. (Clear)

                    CG 070 [10/10]; CG 072 [8/8]; CG 075 [10/10]; CG 076 [5/5]; CG 077 [23/23]




Margit Route


          [LOAD SAVE 4] Margit… hmm… she’s a good person.
                    CG 021 [3/4]
          [sAVE 9] Decline. (Clear)

Margit Route Continued

                    CG 021 [4/4]

          Praise her swimsuit.

                    CG 102 [14/14]; CG 103 [12/12]

          Take off her eyepatch.

                    CG 104 [12/24]; CG 105 [16/32]

                              Choose “Don’t take off her eyepatch.” to get full CG’s

                    CG 104 [24/24]; CG 105 [32/32]; CG 106 [14/14]; CG 107 [12/12]; CG 108 [12/12]

          Take it off. (Clear)

                    CG 109 [6/12]; CG 110 [6/12]

                              Choose “Keep it on.” to get full CG’s

                    CG 109 [12/12]; CG 110 [12/12]; CG 111 [4/4]




Kokoro Route


          [LOAD SAVE 4] Fushikawa Kokoro. I mumble her name for some reason.
          Give her a slap on the butt.
          Slap it one more time.
          Slap it one more time.
          Momoyo. (Clear)
                    CG 078 [11/11]; CG 079 [5/5]; CG 080 [8/8]; CG 081 [15/15]; CG 082 [14/14]; CG 083 [9/9]; CG 084 [12/12]; CG 085 [14/14]; CG 086 [7/7];
                    CG 087 [5/5]


Future with Hermit Crabs S After


          [sAVE 10] No; all I need is hermit crabs. (Clear)
Future Devoted to Hermit Crabs


Agave After


                    CG 088 [3/3]
          [sAVE 11] I don’t know if we should see each other anymore…
                    CG 018 [6/6]
          Decline the offer. (Clear)
Future with the Kazama Family
                    CG 020 [1/1]; CG 127 [6/6]



Tatsuko Route


          [LOAD SAVE 11] Yeah let’s.
          I’ll support the Itagaki household.
                    CG 089 [1/2]; CG 090 [4/4]; CG 091 [10/10]; CG 092 [3/3]; CG 093 [10/10]; CG 094 [13/17]; CG 095 [1/1]; CG 096 [2/2]
          About love. (Clear)

                    CG 089 [2/2]; CG 094 [17/17]; CG 097 [3/3]; CG 098 [11/11]; CG 099 [9/9]; CG 100 [16/16]; CG 101 [6/6]





          let her join the group. (Clear)

Koyuki Route

          Join the attack.

                    CG 122 [2/2]

          [sAVE 12] Keep drinking her under the table and invite her to the world of dreams. (Clear)

                    CG 010 [1/1]; CG 112 [3/3]
Future with Koyuki
                    CG 114 [3/4]

          Breast (Clear)

                    CG 113 [7/7]; CG 114 [4/4]

          [LOAD SAVE 12] Fuck her hard.

                    CG 123 [12/12]; CG 124 [4/4]



Future with Chousokabe


          [LOAD SAVE 2] I’m too lazy~~ (°ω°) (Clear)



Iyo Route


          [LOAD SAVE 3] Go with her. (Clear)
                    CG 115 [15/15]; CG 116 [9/9]



Future with Shima


          [LOAD SAVE 6] I refuse. (Clear)



Future with the Maids


          [LOAD SAVE 8] Laying my hands on Mon-sama is too immoral. (Clear)



Yumiko Route


          [LOAD SAVE 10] I will take flesh and blood-take Yaba-senpai!
          Have her wear them. (Clear)
                    CG 119 [5/10]; CG 120 [5/10]
                              Choose “Keep them removed.” to get full CG’s
                    CG 119 [10/10]; CG 120 [10/10]



Another Future with Miyako

Another Future with Miyako-1

          [LOAD SAVE 1] Choose anything in the time box (Clear)

Another Future with Miyako-2

          [LOAD SAVE 7] Okay, let’s go with that rule. (Clear)

Another Future with Miyako-3

          [LOAD SAVE 9] Well, if she’s not going to do anything… okay. (Clear)



Future Where You're An Acquaintance of Takae

         (Unlocks after clearing all possible routes)


This walkthrough is based on the walkthrough from seiya-saiga.com which I adjusted based on the fully translated patch provided by our translators.

Please check this walkthrough if there is something amiss Admin/Moderator-san. Thanks

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