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How much does your VN folder weigh?


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Used to be a lot (like, really A LOT) but now I'm keeping it in reasonable size. I only hold onto the most memorable titles, but archive all the save files. There's little reason to actually keep them installed, as I rarely return to vn's I played over, unless I feel nostalgic and want to look at cg's or skim through certain parts.

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excluding all nukige & stuff, something about 1,4tb right now, as most of my hardcopys & other things i had hold dear to me were stolen last christmas though, so more or less living off digital only, packed them on nearly everything offering storage, like my phone, usb sticks, camera etc... for various reasons like smuggling them into the kitchen bureou, playing them during work, enjoying them on a train ride, during subway, basically i read them stuff non stop, even when having a long, good shit i use my tablet on progressing further in a story that helps me to push out my kaka...hehehe - leading to me becoming a social outcast aka one arkward dude aka selfimposed isolation

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