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Crusoe Had It Easy (free flash VN)


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https://vndb.org/v17982gonna play it tonight to see how it is, i love short vn :P




It was ok, the art was really good and the writting was ok too, I did laugh a few times, I only unlocked 2 endings the rapist and the true gentleman. No matter what I pick I can change anything >_>


Rapist? Is it just me, or was the only companion of Crusoe the black man he saved from his own tribe or something?


Is he like, ehm.... uhhh...going to....well...you know...


EDIT: okay nevermind, I thought this is a VN version of Robinson Crusoe. My bad.

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A little bird posted this over at Hongfire. If anyone became a patron, I suggest caution.




Makes me sad, I liked it enough I was considering dropping some cash into it.



EDIT: I should note that Crusoe so far hasn't been determined to be using illegit assets, so it may still be fine. But all the same - people should keep in mind the circumstances going on.

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Hm... seems like a massive legal minefield at the moment. I didn't throw any money their way (though it was a close run thing), but even if what their head guy said was completely true, to use someone elses illustrations regardless of whether you can contact them or not is a bit shitty. I can kinda understand why the temptation to do it was there though, and had it been kept at a non-financial matter I'm fairly sure it wouldn't have been as much of a problem.

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Honestly, I couldn't care less. I'm not a big fan of Reddit/4c, since majority of those sites are full of circlejerking clowns. Of course, I have my own concerns as well - using someone else's work as your own isn't exactly the best thing to do, moreso when you're making money from it. It's a complete lack of respect towards the original creators.


On the bright side, with the ammount of money they're earning every month they could easily hire a decent japanese artist full time. If I recall correctly, the guy responsible for the original artwork is currently looking for a job. If things really went the way they did, I'd cosider getting in touch with him/her as soon as possible and simply strike a deal; that way, everyone's going to be happy, there's no need to make it a bigger mess than it already became.


Taxcup - I played the game and enjoyed it a lot. I was honestly surprised with the quality of writing - it wasn't anything incredible, but dialogues felt really natural and coherent, while setting and characters made everything fun. I'd really wish to see more short eroge like this and it would be a shame if your team would be involved in some sort of shady business; I know you can do better, if that's the case.


I'd advise to drop the flash and move onto Ren'Py, or GM/Unity, though. Considering the resource/efficiency factor, Ren'Py would propably be the best engine of choice for you.

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Hi guys, thanks Narcosis for the support and feedback! I wasn't responsible for most of the writing but I'll forward it to Ben (who I agree has a knack for natural-sounding conversation). We've been discussing moving to Renpy and the goal is to do so eventually, but until flash does die completely, it's great for reaching lots and lots of people in a way Renpy just isn't. I can't script in Renpy but from my understanding, it's pretty similar to our current original script and our programmer has said he'll set up a conversion tool. But yeah Flash for now, but the long-term goal is to move over to Renpy.


Basically on the stolen assets thing - well, shit, that happened. I don't really want to comment on it but I think you can guess how I feel about it if you read the reddit thread... 

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