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Hello everyone!

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Hi, I'm MasterTreecko and this is my first time creating an account in a forum. I am new to forums but I hope I can get used to this forum quickly. I already played some Visual Novels thanks to this forum's Game Technical page, since I need guidelines and help in installing them. I hope that we'll get along well! :)

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Thanks for the welcome, everyone. Btw, I played If My Heart Had Wings, Clannad, Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro na and Galaxy Angel - Eternal Lovers. I've started playing Narcissu last week.


here are some recommendations from me then.


Fate/stay night is a must play. It is nothing like the anime thing that carries its name. (well we do now in the unlimited blade works adaption)

And we just have a new patch that has translated the realta nua version of the game. (wich is an all ages game so it does away with the H stuff and replaces it by something else)



Tsukihime Another must play, and no this one does not have a anime adaption.

http://vndb.org/v7 (it is ancient, got no voice and no music. But it is so good)


Muv Luv series, now Muv Luv extra is not that good and Unlimited is merely good but alternative is definitly a must read and to understand it completely you need to have read these two first.

(I so hope muv luv alternative get's an anime adaption at some point)

http://vndb.org/v93 (extra/unlimited) yes they are packed into one game

http://vndb.org/v92 (alternative)



g senjou maou Is also a must read.



clannad is also a must read and is together with fate/stay night one of the vn flagships, muv luv can possible also be considered a flagship.



Other than that there is Grisaia no Kajitsu wich is also a must read. (By the way, no panty shots in this one, just sex jokes by amane instead)


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