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Uzi's Drugged Adventure LITE

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This is my first time making a game with RPG Maker. It was a lot of fun. If a lot of people like my game I plan on buying the full version and making more games about Uzi and other Moe Wars characters. I hope you enjoy it.


The game requires RPG Maker VX ACE to play. You can download the free trial from their site. Make sure you download the VX ACE one.


Summary: After going into one of her drugged delusional states, Uzi finds herself in a familiar looking castle. There she finds a cloaked figure that wants to help her remember her past, that she had forced herself to forget. She soon winds up fighting to protect a small kingdom from ogres.

This game does not promote the use of drugs, alcohol, or anything else horrible you can think of.


Rating +17: Drugs/ Alcohol use, Sexual Content (In the form of comedy, and storyline. There are no actual sexual pictures.), Language.


[Mediafire / ZIP]






[Z] = Yes

[X] = No / Menu

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