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So...currently I am reading KamiYaba (English title Kamiyaba: Dicking destiny on a dicey deadline) and have been for about a week now. The localization for this is pretty terrible...translation itself doesn't seem horrible, just every choice the translators made and their general grammar, spelling, etc. It reads too me like someone was translating out loud to dictation software and then never bothered to check what the software thought they said.


But since my last post just shy of a month ago I have read Primal Hearts, Primal Hearts 2, Kimi o Aogi Otome wa Hime ni (or My Fair Princess), Wagamama High Spec, Ren'ai x Royale and Hatsukoi 1/1. Out of all of these I'd really only recomomend the two Primal Hearts and WagaHigh personally. And a few routes in Hatsukoi are really good, and the rest are worth playing if you're a huge tone work's fan (and I am), although it's frustrating at times.


At the rate I am going, I am going to run out of (at least good) visual novels to read pretty soon...

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Yaho, time for another one of my sporadic shilling of the few VNs that I've read over the past few months.

SHINRAI -broken beyond despair- it was an alright Halloween Party murder mystery between 10 middle school friends. What's great about it is that you can have totally logically sound but incorrect deductions at the very end as to who the master mind is and you'll feel like a total dumbass afterwards when the protagonist realizes her mistake. 7/10


"Remember, these are a buncha middle schoolers lol."


Fragment's Note+ & Fragment's Note 2+ This was apparently a mobile-VN made 10 years ago, remade for the Switch recently as + versions. Gee, wonder how their sales went lol. Anyways Fragments Note is a standard charamoege high school slice of life, with the twist being that in the first game the protagonist's future daughter travels to his time in order to prevent a tragic fate that would befall him if she were to not intervene. That's pretty much the only thing that kept me interested in this VN, cuz I just can't with HS SoL nowadays lol. 7/10

"Guys I'm not a Lolicon I swear lol, but Miu is just too cute."


Fragment's Note 2 is an indirect sequel taking place 1 year later at the same high school, but with a different protagonist. What I found particularly interesting is that this protagonist was only briefly mentioned in the first game, and now he has his own story! Talk about Ascended Extra. I'm a sucker for these types of continuity in stories. Even better, one of the unromanceable heroines from the first game (because plot) is actually romanceable this time around hehehe. Unfortunately, most of the plot is wasted on the protagonist's trauma, because a core theme of this VN is to conquer your inner demons and move on type of deal. 7.5/10


"^This here's Ayame. And hori shi she might just be my most guilty pleasure character ever lol. She's the doting gentle older sister type. Totally gives my pink-haired heroine bias a run for its money"


Paranormasight: Hoh boy, if you are ever looking for a supernatural battle of wits murder mystery, look no further. Paranormasight's gotchu covered. Simple premise. 7* Mysteries of Honjo, 7* Curse Bearers with relics/kill methods based on those mysteries, and you're in for a good time. Only gripe is the whole deathnote-style kill or be killed thriller gameplay is literally reserved only for the PROLOGUE, yes only the PROLOGUE, and the rest of the game after that is piecing together the mystery/lore/character motivations and does away with the climactic character confrontations. Also kind of short, clocking in only 10-15 hours. 8/10


"Give me a 30hr VN that's purely more about these type of character confrontations sizing each other up before going for the killing blow and you'd have a masterpiece lol"


Yurukill: Four pairs of "Prisoners" and "Executioners" are taken to a 'theme park' Yurukill Land and the winning pair that makes it through all the 'attractions' will get the Prisoner exonerated from their crime, with the Executioner having any wish of theirs granted. This VN seriously doesn't know what it wants to be, murder mystery, escape game, Danganronpa logic puzzles, bullet hell shoot 'em up... it implements all of these mechanics, so like a jack of all trades but master of none. Fun enough though. 7/10


"Totally unrelated comment, but Rina totally looks like someone who would appear in like Fata Morgana or something LOL"


Suhoshin: Another short (~5-7hrs) murder mystery VN (see a trend here?) this time taking place in a more medieval setting. Interesting, up until you get to a certain midway point and get one of those infodumps that totally ruins the intrigue because the characters just know too much about what they are dealing with at that point. 7/10


"Oh yes, you'll totally always frustratingly be one step behind the killer lol -_____-"


Currently reading: Kunado Kokuki Gee, Purple Software really liked the Kotodama gimmick that they made in Amatsutsumi didn't they >.>. I didn't get very far in Amatsu before I got bored of the high school SoL as usual, but Kunado Kokuki is set in post apocalyptic man vs machine setting and the Kotodama gimmick is quite intriguing there.


"And let's be real, Haruhime (center) is a God-tier heroine lol. Ruler of the nation, gorgeous as fuh, and has the same exclusive Kotodama powers as the protagonist. It's a match made in heaven."

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6 hours ago, Eclipsed said:

SHINRAI -broken beyond despair- it was an alright Halloween Party murder mystery between 10 middle school friends. What's great about it is that you can have totally logically sound but incorrect deductions at the very end as to who the master mind is and you'll feel like a total dumbass afterwards when the protagonist realizes her mistake. 7/10

Oh wow, someone who played this one! Fuwa interviewed the dev and has a review on it, if you'd like to check it out :watame:

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Alrighty, it's been a long time since I last talked about what I've been reading!
I finally resumed Umineko last week! I keep a daily log on Notion, so I'll just:

DAY 41 (DEC 9) — Episode 2's "???" + beginning Episode 3



DAY 42 (DEC 10) — Episode 3




Read 30 minutes today, but nothing to share here!


I do find it a bit sus that Beato demands ppl not to see the magic... like, why...?

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So my reading rate has slowed down and I started multiple VN's that I've stalled out on (Rance 6, Evenicle, Libra of the Vampire). But here is my Christmas (or Holiday) update


But, currently I am reading Nukitashi - which frankly I did not have high hopes for and only started reading it on the recommendation of a friend, and I am pleasantly surprised. If you can suspend your disbelief about the premise itself and just enjoy the immense amount of dirty jokes / humor in it, it's actually a pretty good VN with a surprising amount of plot development in it.


Since my last update I have also read Hello,good-bye (good multi-route mystery / thriller), Otome Domain (somewhat disappointing crossdressing story), Edelweiss (super hit or miss with its aged perverted humor, was a miss with me), Dracu-Riot! (good Yuzusoft title), and Sugar Style (<3 Smee's works).

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20 hours ago, KoreyKun said:

I will technically be finishing Higurashi soon. It's been a very fun ride so far and I've loved every second of it. Later moving on to the side stories. After I will play Clannad or Continue Iwahime

Loved higurashi!

I found CLANNAD and Iwaihime both a bore, but for different reasons: I just played CLANNAD after many VNs, and I find it underwhelming and messy, especially when I don't care for the whole "family" theme throughout the whole game.

For Iwaihime, I just found it bad overall lol. Bland "mary sue" protagonist and not very interesting cast, too many descriptions where some gore could be added and meh conclusion due to the two previously stated issues.

Hope it's just my opinion and you enjoy it tho! :wahaha:


I've been busy with life but managed to advance on Umineko and finished What's your wifi password? It's a short, silly OEVN about you being bored, looking for the wifi password of your friend's place and instead finding her brother. It's a wholesome talk :677632610700230696:

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I guess it's time to post some mini reviews of the VN's I've played in the last half year or so, before I forget about them. I list them in the order how much I liked them.


The last VN I read is the first episode of Tokeijikake no Ley Line and it's also the one I liked the most. I haven't read a VN so far that managed to capture the feeling of a Hogwarts magical school so well like this one. The art style is really great, even if the sprite dynamics felt a bit too static if you're used to Yuzusoft stuff. The music is also decent most of the time, even though some tracks felt a bit repetitive after a while.

The protagonist was a pretty cool dude and the heroines were also very likable. The VN does focus mostly on the story, with the heroine stories being rather short. But the VN did actually commit to the story, so almost everything was drawn that was actually happening, which is in no way a small feat. According to Steam it took me about 25 hours to read, which is pretty fine for the prelude to a trilogy.

Heroine ranking: Tsubaki > Fuhito > Ushio > Rito > Neko

Overall rating: 7.5/10 (Could get even better depending on how the trilogy continues)


Tokyo Nekro was a VN I had a particular technical interest in, because it's using an actual game engine. Meaning it has a lot of animated characters and stuff. And in general I'd say the VN did succeed in what it tried to achieve. While the background textures did feel rather PS2 area outdated, the characters itself turned out surprisingly well. The combat scenes in particular deserve praise. At least the third person scenes, because they were pretty well done, while the ego scenes felt a bit too much like cheap Doom imitations. Nevertheless, the VN had a visual fidelity that bordered on an anime.

Story wise it was a bit hit or miss. I was actually lucky to accidentally end up in Con Su's route, which actually felt like the true route. It wasn't really a romance route and more of a platonic friendship route focused on Con Su and Ilia and their origins. I was also lucky that an update had overwritten the adult patch. I restored it for the other routes and I did regret it. The H-scenes felt completely random and all over the place ranging from vanilla to disturbing. I heard that Ilia's route would be the main route, but I'd definitely disagree. It was just running after Milgram forever. It shared a lot with Mitsumi's route, but Mitsumi's was better since it was shorter.

Something that was irritating about the VN were the two protagonists. I'm not a big fan of that in general, but this was really exhausting. The protagonists did switch so frequently that they were almost rotating. Sometimes even other characters got protagonist which made it even more confusing. Another annoying thing was the helmet view, that blocked almost half of the screen.

It did took me almost 50 hours to finish the VN with only the Kiri route left, which felt a bit too long for my taste. I'd also give a small warning that this VN has some VERY gory scenes, that can easily compete with Kara no Shoujo. And I'm not talking about simple zombie splatter, but stuff like opening the skull of an arguably living person to manipulate its brain.

Overall rating: 7/10 (Could have been better with single protagonist and less edgy content)


Next is Hello Lady. The highlight of this VN is probably the protagonist and the male voice actors in general. The story is a bit of a spin off of the Count of Monte Cristo. While the protagonist was kinda cool, his frequent Casanova phases of excessive sexual harassment got old and tedious pretty fast. Another problem of the VN was the lack of commitment towards the story. It felt like they took the CG set of a pure moege and tried to twist it with a half assed story where barely anything plot relevant was drawn.

Another problem was the lacking chemistry between the protagist and the heroines. I never got the feeling that they are more than just playthings for a few days to have some fun with until they are thrown away. His maid Hishia Mori felt like the only one he seemed to have some feelings for. The routes therefore felt very lackluster since neither the romance nor the plot was convincing. Especially since the routes felt extremely repetitive and the true route wasn't much better either. In total it did cost me almost 60 hours to finish the VN and it was in no way worth that time. Maybe 30 hours, but not 60.

Heroine ranking: Somehow none of them really clicked with me, even if I didn't dislike them...

Overall rating: 6/10


Next was Cyanotype Daydream. This was a rather odd VN, since it's pretty much split in 3 side stories and a final true story. I've seen comments comparing this to The House in Fata Morgana due to its plot structure. However, I beg to disagree. While the introduction stories of Fata Morgana have a lot to do with the actual plot, introducing most of the main characters, the same can't be said about the ones in this VN. They share a bit of a 'broken romance' theme, but besides that they are so unrelated to the actual main story that you could just pick a few random VN's from VNDB and read those instead. Even worse, none of them was particular convincing and I skipped most of them after a while since I found the characters not particular likable and the storys somewhat boring.

That said, the actual main story is actual quite decent with likable characters and an interesting world. However, it suffered from the fact that a lot of resources were wasted in some rather mediocre side stories. The VN would have been a lot better if they would have fully commited to the main story and flesh out the world with more characters.

Heroine ranking: Yonagi > Izumo > don't care

Overall rating: 6/10 (I'd rate the main story higher, but forcing those mediocre side stories on me demands punishment)


Okay, I wish they would have stopped the Flowers series with the last part -Le volume sur automne- on a high. Instead we got this. So, there are two main problems with this VN. First, there's no romance arc this time, so the VN has to rely on its final revelation plot to justify its existence. Which leads us to the next problem, that the revelation plot was a complete joke and it came extremly late. Even some of the micro mysteries of the predecssors were better than that. Furthermore, it tried to antagonize some of its best characters which just made no sense. There were also almost no new characters, and the whole slice of life that was left felt like copy & paste from the previous VN's.

Overall, this was a fan disc at best and even for that it did a poor job. My personal recommendation would be to just skip this VN, since it adds nothing of worth to the series.

Overall rating: 5/10

So, that was it for now. Currently reading the recently translated TypeMoon VN Mahoutsukai no Yoru, with the second episode of Tokeijikake no Ley Line next in line. :rolleyes:

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Finshed Winter Memories (It is very good for some eroge playn, pity that devs are making some s*** rpg when thay are good with some hentai games only), dawnloaded Seven Days (it is toooooooooo prety looking), sometimes playn Reverse1999 (the only good gacha-online game for an adult man) and now... well need a puse with that staffff.  For now I am Just drouned again in Disco Elisium (patalogic like 10\10 adult reader game)



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Okay so, hear me out, there's been a long ass drought of Ace Attorney, and so you should totally checkout Tyrion Cuthbert: Attorney of the Arcane. It's a heavily inspired Ace Attorney indie VN that'll make you feel right at home. Kinda pricey at 20 bucks, but you get the standard 5 case Ace Attorney experience with all the fun point and click exploration/investigations and climactic cross examinations with moderatos and allegros and slightly over the top characters you could ask for. And yes Arcane is in the title because there's also magic. Like, this 'dumbass noble mage totally used the magicks to commit this crime' type of magic 💀



?imw=5000&imh=5000&ima=fit&impolicy=Lett^This clown here's Nick- I mean uhh Tyrion Cuthbert (Teer-ee-on? Ty-ry-on? Cooth-bert???). Yo Idk dafuq kinda name the devs were going for, but at least he got the desk slams like Nick.



^This cutie here is Maya Fey. She's a mage named Celeste this time around, and Tyr's actually competent sidekick/bodyguard. Btw Tyr has his own built in Athena Cyke's Mood Matrix via his "Eye of Horus" where he can involuntarily pick up on people's thoughts and emotions (yellow text + purple/blue emojiis above). Kind of makes him overpowered at times with the level of omniscience he can get but it's cool. Not every day you get a protag who can Maximillion Pegasus Millenium Eye these fools


?imw=5000&imh=5000&ima=fit&impolicy=Lett^This hottie's Aria Steelwind. The female Miles Edgeworth I guess. She's cool. Ice princess type.


There's also romance, if you care for that LOL!



^Ngl i wouldn't ship Nick and Maya, but Tyr and Celeste? sign me up







^They totally did Aria's cool calm and collected ice princess persona DIRTYYY lol ❤️



Go play it

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