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words cannot describe how much I hate the fact that I have to read a dies irae in a certain order, 

I don't like Kasumi and the fact that I am forced to start with her really sours this whole thing for me, this VN feels a lot like fate stay night, except for the fact that in fate I liked all the girls, granted this might be heresy to say but I didn't love any one of them but they were at least likable, unlike dis annoying b*tch, also this VN might win my "most disturbing CG art" personal award, probably cuz I usually avoid these kinds of vn's that are on the more... seinen... I guess you would say, side 


I do hope that like fate it adds and unravels mysteries across all routes and does not just dump everything in the first route 

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guys I solved it I solved it, I finally know why mmorpgs make female armor so skimpy     Sharty's face is just priceless

Picked up, or rather finally started Ace Attorney trilogy on my 3DS. Finished the first game, in the middle of Ep1 of the 2nd game, which is atm a shame because i expected Phoenix to start off veteran

I have no idea what any of that was actually saying because your posts are difficult to read sometimes. But please don't assault or sexually harass your coworkers, that's not cool.

On 3/15/2021 at 7:06 PM, Fujoneko said:

I just finished reading Harmonia and boy, it was kinda disappointing ngl :footsip: I was expecting more from Key, but it just felt like they recycled a lot, from the art (I know it's the same artist, but still-) to the plot. Even though I know it's the same artist as their other vns, it felt very generic when it comes to Key's works.

There were two main things I HATED in this: the writing and the voice acting. The writing was just so damn plain it hurt. I know he's a robot and all but I don't know, they could have written it better; the voice acting was painful to listen to, oof- I tried to, but I had to mute all of their voices;;; :haha:

  Reveal hidden contents

So, at first, I was really mad at Shiona for being so cruel and ruthless to Tipi when she was just a child who had her parents missing and wanted some human comfort.  Like, chill, Shiona! Ugh... :ganbarimess:
Then, I found the truth. It kinda forced me to forgive her and all but that chapter was the one that also gave me false hopes, aaargh :sadsacchin: Basically, because Shiona was acting all yandere-ish, I thought that maybe Key would experiment a little and try expanding, but nope, they just make up after some chapter and everything is happy... Typical Key.

I ended up suspecting Tipi of being a Phiroid in chapter 5 because of all that knowledge abt the books and her not needing to eat after all this time, so the fact that everyone was a Phiroid was a nice twist, I liked it.

I was expecting a different ending, that's for sure. Rei just ends up dying?? I thought he'd be the Doctor who brought them back to life and everything :baobao:

Overall, I'd give it a 7/10. It wasn't anything special, but it was a nice little story, good enough not to be a 6 or lower.

I'll probably read Soundless next! 

"I hated it, worst game ever. 7/10"

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11 hours ago, bogdankl said:

words cannot describe how much I hate the fact that I have to read a dies irae in a certain order, 

I don't like Kasumi and the fact that I am forced to start with her really sours this whole thing for me, this VN feels a lot like fate stay night, except for the fact that in fate I liked all the girls, granted this might be heresy to say but I didn't love any one of them but they were at least likable, unlike dis annoying b*tch, also this VN might win my "most disturbing CG art" personal award, probably cuz I usually avoid these kinds of vn's that are on the more... seinen... I guess you would say, side 


I do hope that like fate it adds and unravels mysteries across all routes and does not just dump everything in the first route 

Honestly, I don't dislike Kasumi that much, but her route is pretty meh compared to the common route. I know that pretty much everyone who played it says that it's the worst route in the game and eventually it gets better, but I don't know, it just made me to completely lose interest in the game, so I ended up dropping it.

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Hoh boy have I been dead

Wtf was the last long length thing I've read? Abyss of the Sacrifice? That one all girls trapped escape sci fi thingy? Back in December 2020? LEL WEAK!!

Then I tried to read Flowers in January and was like ehh I'll wait for the whole tetralogy to come out for Switch EN (it's already out for JP, plx hurry)

Truth be told I'm just out of gas for long length (30+ hr) VNs. Last year I was on a roll, craving and blitzing through trilogies like Muv Luv, Utawarerumono, like no tomorrow, thanks stay at home orders

Now what's the trend for me? SHORT LENGTH VNS

From Jan 'til now I've settled on Qureate's many one off fantasy single heroine live2D short story romances. They literally pump these out every 3-4 months, faster than whoever the hell pumps out them Nekopara volumes. 

And let's be real, if I was in full power no life read mode, I'd consider these utter trash. They only take 3-5 hrs to go each through so if you just marathon these there'll definitely be less impact and wholesomeness and whatnot but luckily I'm horrifically nerfed and have been literally only reading like 30min-1hr a day so they can take up to a week for me to finish. Artificial inflated value ftw.


NekoMiko - The Neko Para wannabe clone. Two shrine maiden nekogirls cling onto protag to cleanse him of his bad luck


...or maybe they're the ones GIVING him badluck


Pretty wholesome VN, and they even make you go through the hard decision of choosing whether you wanna bang Vanilla or Chocolate I mean err Ayame or Kaede by the end of it. 

Of course, if you play your cards just right, meaning just spread your love evenly between them, then you can bang both. Ez


NinNinDays - Real life Naruto female ninja (kunoichi?) Sumire begins her journey on the path of ninja, but is totally clueless to social norms and eventually meets the Protag





Unfortunately they don't really do much regarding her status as a genuine ninja, it's more for kicks and giggles rather than any substantial plot relevance. After reading the otome Nightshade, that was a bit of a letdown LOL


TroubleDays - Novice succubus Lovelia latches onto Protag as her first target to extract his "Technoforce"




Outfit look familiar? TroubleDays came right after NinNinDays, so Qureate likes to do nods to their previous works. As a huge fan of continuity, I approve~


KukkuroDays: Saber meets protag.





KukkuroDays I feel is the start of Qureate's golden era. Unlike the missed opportunity of exploring Sumire's ninja background in NinNinDays, they're actually able to flesh out this other world that Cattleya (ok wtf kind of name is that) came from. Even nicer, the world Cattleya comes from actually is the same world that the setting of Prison Princess uses, and this particular protag is



a descendant of the protag from Princess Princess: The Great Hero


Prison Princess:



I got a MASSIVE continuity-gasm, well done Qureate.


Fantasy Tavern Sextet. Ok, now Qureate's getting ambitious. They went from everyday normal protag meets out of this world heroine, to everyday normal protag GETS SENT TO out of this world to meet out of this world heroine. And they're making this a three volume short story series, with two star heroines each volume, cuz we gotta fulfill that sextet = six word play.


Vol 1: protag gets sent to other world, which, btw, again continuity-gasm, is the same world Cattleya from KukkuroDays is from, and he is taken in by tavern owner Lupine to be the headchef. There's also a waitress catgirl by the name of Daisy, cuz it's been like 6 games since NekoMiko so Qureate won't get bashed for being a Nekopara clone:




Volume 2: Adventurers Knight-Dahlia and Mage-Veronica take their turn with protag





Volume 3: Actually not released yet!!! It's coming out next month Apr 2021!!!

Random nod of approval: the heroines from this fantasy world all have unique eye sparkles in their eyes, a very neat artistic choice. ie. Cattleya from the previous entry who's from this fantasy world also has them eye sparkles. +1

That's like what, 6 games made in two years? (Neko Miko started in Jan 2019). Makes me wonder how profitable these 3-4month development $10 3-5hr games are vs spending a couple years to make a 20-30hr $30-40 game ..

One last Qureate shilling: just next month Apr 2021 they're already releasing their next title: Abandoned. Looks like a survival horror entry? Jeebus that sounds delicious~

Nintendo Switch】Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami Teaser Trailer -ENG-  - YouTube



TL;DR- these 3-5hr short romance VNs only worked for me because I literally took a week to read each one because of my horrific reading slump. You can literally blitz through ALL of these in just a day or two and you'd just end up feeling "meh".

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I just finished Folklore Jam.

And I have veeery mixed feelings about it. The mood, art, music, characters - everything was great, and I was wondering, why doesn't it have better rating on VNDB... The prevailing score it gets is 7, why I was feeling, like it was aiming for the 8 level ;) There was nice mix of action, mystery, friendship and just a tiny bit of romance. Maruto is pretty good at writing engaging character interactions. Even H-scenes, while rather fanservicey and unnecessary, weren't too jarring, and mostly in-character.

It played like multiple route mystery, where each route showed different part of the backstory (with heroines being mostly pretexts to create different branches). After all that I had really high hopes for the true route, which I played today. And that's where they decided to completely ruin it, by inserting completely out-of-the-blue H-scene


involving ghost loli twin sisters

right near the climax - and afterwards it all jumps to rather mundane and unsatisfying epilogue, which doesn't even have a single CG...

So, after such disappointing ending, my score also drops to 7...

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Reading Rupekari, its my first ugiusu vn, and they're primarily known for creating depressing VN's as far as I know, haven't actually tried one except this one. None of the summaries in their other games piqued my interest as much as rupekari since I have an interest in acting focused stories due to Oshi no Ko and Act:Age. It really does deliver though and it deserves  the reviews it has on vndb, although yeah im just a few hours in lol, i barely have any time to read recently and I only read at a snail's pace due to that, I only reached the first real theatre play the protagonist produced which is Hamlet.

Seiyuu talent is really apparent here and if you browse r/visualnovels it is full of praise for the voice acting and it deserves it, theatre needs actors that exhibit extreme emotion to make it more understandable to the audience and god damn they do it so god damn well, the first theatre play had mainly been acted by Kohaku and she acts and voices her role so good it enchanted me and I couldn't stop reading their whole play and getting chills from it.

Thats where I stopped for the moment since well I'm busy nowadays but I'm excited to read more

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[Soundless - A Modern Salem in Remote Area -]

This week I finished Soundless, an amazing OEVN that surpassed my expectations! At first, even though this was a recommendation, I cringed a little at the art just because it wasn't as "perfect" as the other ones I played. However, I quickly got used to it and I'm glad that isn't usually enough to put me off because boy, oH BOY WAS I WRONG. :pyaa:

Even though it never stopped being cruel, the game only started getting REALLY weird after a certain point; after that you won't be able to stop reading.

I really liked the setting. Stories with religion involved aren't all that uncommon but still! The BGM doesn't feel too unique but that has its own charm, in a way, since a lot of the tense moments are almost silent, with a slight static noise. 



I loved the way they represented the "I will fix your problems" mentality with Auma. Mercy's view of everything is really, really well done. I used to somewhat think like that myself so I can understand her.

[after finishing it] Oh boy, what a ride! This game was really good as a denpa but as a victim of narcissistic parents and emotional/verbal abuse throughout my whole childhood (and life in general) this hits different.


Overall, I'll give this an 8/10! :abipog:

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[Marco and the Galaxy Dragon]

This week I finished Marco and the Galaxy Dragon and dang! Another great vn that surpassed my expectations! I had already played the demo waaaay back when it released and was not bored, but I didn't expect it to hit me this hard in the feels near the end... :sadsacchin:

First impressions first: I LOVE the art and the fact that almost every scene is a new CG (that explains the size of the whole vn) and the various animated parts :abilove:The comedy is pretty over the top, normal for a vn, but it did make me laugh a few times; I'd be lying if it said I was bored, even for a slight second. Speaking of which, the thing I loved the most abt this vn is the pacing: so many vns end up either being VERY slow and dragged or just too quick to explain things and/or get attached to the characters and although this one is very fast in its pacing, you can still understand how each characters works. Sure, it could be better worked in some parts so you could feel more for some characters, but they all played their roles perfectly imo. It was so entertaining that time flew by and I didn't even notice! :ezgif-2-df452814b3f1: The ending left me destroyed and sobbing... It's not SUPER hard-hitting, but when it has to, it can make your eyes wet, at least. After that, it took me a while to recover and reflect on it. Aaah, it was such a good story... I'm really glad I played this one, since, except for Soundless (my previous read), I had been disappointed by the other vns I had read so far this year.

Also, I absolutely love Gargouille's design :reasparkle:

I haven't decided what I'll read next week but until then, toodles! :nyanpasu:

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Picked up Root Film.

It's apparently set in the same universe as Root Letter, set in the real life Japan's Shimane Prefecture. Seems the developers "Kadowaka Games" have really taken a liking to this place. 

Premise: mystery adventure. Two protagonists: Up-and-coming director (M) (first) Rintaro Yagumo, and Rising-in-popularity actress (F) Riho. These two protagonists are just doing their own separate entertainment industry shenanigans when they get caught up in Shimane Prefecture's murder mysteries and whatnot. 

Rintaro and his assistant Magari


Riho and her manager, Manabe

Structure seems to follow the same formula as other mystery/detective adventure games like Ace Attorney- a case happens, protagonist and their sidekick gets some time to free roam, banter and do the detective work, then you commence boss battle to unveil the truth. Pretty entertaining so far.


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I went and picked up an eroge after literal years of not playing one (I think it has at least been three years since I even opened one). I randomly picked a visual novel from my wishlist that was catching dust and only saw activity recently, and I ended up picking Yume Miru Kusuri.

... I screwed up. Not only was it too heavy for me currently, but it honestly felt a slog to play through. I'm not saying it's bad, but I'm disliking it a bit. Near the end of the final choice for one of the routes, I ended up holding the control button to see just how much longer will the route be, and holy sh*t it was still very, very long. I think I'll try to finish one of the routes later, and move to a shorter, more light-hearted VN.

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So I read Ciconia When They Cry - Phase 1 over the last few days. I know it's kind of a stupid idea to start reading the first episode of a series that's just been delayed until the end of the pandemic (whenever that is supposed to be) for dubious reasons, but I was in the mood for a murder mystery VN without wanting to buy one so I picked the most promising option from by backlog. As it turns out Ciconia isn't a murder mystery, which I could probably have guessed beforehand, given the Sci-Fi military setting. So it's less of a sequel to Umineko in terms of subject matter, but rather tries to develop (and deconstruct, of course) some of Umineko's core ideas and themes. What Ciconia Phase 1 basically does is to put a character who somewhat embodies the "golden" solution Umineko proposes for its central idealism vs. realism conflict into a situation where, despite him being one of the seemingly most important figures, he is powerless to prevent a war that could potentially wipe out mankind.

I read somewhere that Phase 1 is supposed to be Ciconia's equivalent of the complete question arcs in Higurashi and Umineko, which would explain its length (~25 hours) and complexity. It is rather heavy on exposition and introduces a lot of characters and factions.

As for overall enjoyment, I'm kind of torn. It has enough really strong moments, but it can get pretty cringey at times, especially when Ryukishi07 tries his hands at social and media criticism. Tbf Umineko had its weird/boring moments as well, but at least to me they didn't feel as central to the core of the narrative as they do in Ciconia. Then again Phase 2 is probably going to take the story into a completely different direction than I'm expecting right now, so chances are I'm completely wrong in this regard.

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[Magical Eyes -Red is for anguish-]

Soo, I've been reading this one for the past two weeks and wow, what a waste of time. Bah, at least now I know lol Also, it's funny how soft I was while writing the "first impressions" lmao :footsip: First of all, to anyone who might be interested on this one: if you don't want to wait for a sequel that is yet to be released, don't bother to read it. Sure it has a story on its own, but the main characters don't even start developing.

First Impressions


  • The art!! Gosh, I find this art really good :D It's not as stunning as a lot of other vns I have played but it's still very pleasing to look at!
  • The story and mechanics; the story is very chuuni-ish, I admit - but hey, if that's something you enjoy, go for it! I don't mind it but I don't love it either. And oh, there's a map and you can choose where to go... Kara no Shoujo flashbacks, oof- I hope it's not as "stressing" as that one.


  • Definitely the sloppy writing. The descriptions are awkward, the English isn't the best and a lot of the sentences are very long, which usually isn't the best for both the English language and the readability of the game.

After finishing the game...

Everything was from bad to average. The OST was pretty forgettable; the background was awful, oof; the art was... ok? I don't know, it looked a little weird the more characters I saw, but it wasn't really bad; the writing was awful bad lmao almost every sentence is too dragged or long and it really affects one's reading experience and overall readability of the story. The narrative was very poor, to be frank... I don't know if it was the pace, but I felt utterly bored reading this; the dialogues are super generic, just like all characters; they look like they are trying so hard to be funny it hurts.





First the protagonist, Yuu: I don't know if it's because it's only "episode 1", but he felt so bland to me. He feels like a generic protagonist with big edgelord energy.

Chiharu: Yeah... Hm, I thought they'd develop her way more than this. It was basically nothing. She was so crazy over him I thought she'd go yandere or something weird like that - that would have been probably more entertaining than the actual plot. Actually, I still think she is somehow related to that giant spider/little girl we saw at the beginning, but since we have only episode 1 and they didn't touch on that, I can't know for sure.

Rin: I loved his design, but damn, I wanted to see Kuri!! So many comments about her and nothing grr I feel betrayed! Oh, I found his dialogue really annoying after a while: it's not even the things about Kuri, just the generic shounen dialogue lmao

I loved the "siblings" but them just becoming Chiharu's helpers mid-story was... hum, Idk, I felt it was such a waste of characters. I did want to see what kind of work Jun did as a Disobeyer tho.

Minamikawa is a cutie, but there's nothing much I can say about him; he's probably getting development (especially about that watch) in the sequel, but I don't know when it'll release, if ever at all.

I hated every bit of interaction with "Pops" and Kashiwaba, gods. Both their characters are obnoxious af, give me a break... Oh, I liked Nanakami! but maybe that has something to do with me being a shotacon, who knows


Overall, I will give this one a solid 4/10. So, would I recommend it? :nou:

Next week I'll be posting about Musicus!

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Just finished up Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikats. I'll give it a solid 5/10.

The characters are as you can expect really, so i can't complain about those, but i'll praise them for being close-ish to the anime. Not quite, but close. The new characters were quite alright. But that was it, the original story characters are much better if you ask me.

The music was lackluster. No two ways about it, it just wasn't anything special

CG's? What CG's? It's a non hentai visual novel and it has only a handful of CG's in it. Was disappointing as many scenes that would have benefitted from a CG had the camera pan up in the sky or in the wall or something.

The story was so-so. For the longest part it felt like you were reading a repeat of the first season of the anime with some changes, but it branced out, just a tiny bit late. I'd prefer it branching out even further and also earlier so it would stand on it's own feet a bit more. Possibly changing up a bit the character dynamics. And it was very PG with it's gore compared to the anime. It had something just to remind us that it's Re:zero, but it didn't go the required distance to be Re:zero. That's the best description i can give on the matter

One thing that was amazing was the 3d-ish characters and animations. 

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On 3/25/2021 at 7:01 PM, adamstan said:

I just started PS2 version of Konneko. (Finished the rather short prologue)


It's too early to tell where will it go, but the beginning was decent enough to make me continue ;)


And so, three weeks later I haven't made much progres... I advanced into the common route a bit, but last time I read it was almost two weeks ago. I seem to have similar problem that I had with Palette's Sakura Strasse - it's nice, I have fun when I read it, but it isn't engaging enough - as evidenced by the fact that I have no problem with putting it away for two weeks... At least here protagonist isn't as annoying as Harumi from SS ;)

I also find myself still thinking about and remembering various bits of Folklore Jam. I'm really torn on this. I rated it at 7/10, but actually the game was extremely enjoyable and kept me glued to the screen, eager to read what happened next for 95% of the time, and if not for that obnoxious h-scene at the end, it would easily get 8 or 8.5 from me. However, putting such ridiculous and obviously fanservicey scene right at the, uhm..., climax of the nice potentially nakigey true ending really soured the experience for me. I guess it became fandisservice for me :P That VN would really benefit from console/non-ero edition, since its h-scenes feel like the obligatory addition just because it's eroge - but it doesn't work well as eroge.

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Wow time flies.

qureate's horror adv "Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami" is out. It's, naturally, about a group of three female streamers Nana(left), Mio and Azusa(right), who go visit an abandoned haunted hotel Izanami because streamers gotta stream and then they get trapped and subject to its horrors



There's a giant bloody pig mascot thing that serves as the poster monster of this VN and it stalks the halls during the adv 2D side scrolling horror exploration bits. Pretty scary at first, but once you take a moment to learn the game mechanics the Oinker becomes more of an annoyance than anything since whenever its chasing you, you are unable to progress with the exploration/puzzle solving segments until you get him off your tail.







Random nitpick: this is a supposed to be a survival horror adventure thingy, and it indeed is, but qureate just couldn't resist and they tossed in some typical ecchi stuff, though with a touch of horror. Even better (or worse), here's a screenshot of one of the 'features' they highlight in one of their trailers: 



It's a live2D hair strangulation horror scene. But hey! "You can touch the girls as much as you want" to hear her delicious moaning as she get constricted to death huzzah!

Oh btw, false advertising. Girl can only take so much touching punishment before the screen gets very red and she kicks the bucket and you get a gameover:


*insert joke about that white hand icon hovering over her chest* :makina:





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Reading Rupekari https://vndb.org/v29383

At first, I barely played this game like only an hour a day as it wasn't gripping enough and I was also busy playing other games but now that I played it a lot longer, this game grips you a lot. Its my first time playing an Uguisu Kagura and i was wondering when will the Utsu part in the Utsuge may come and it came it was extremely, extremely good., I'm still not finished but I think I'm nearing the true end. This is not a story about the MC but about all the characters as flashbacks will be heavily used in a theatre format. I can't really formulate my thoughts well enough yet since the feeling is very fresh but it definitely deserves the score it has on VNDB

Update: While the formatting for the routes makes sense, it does kinda cheapen the experience for me. Technically the routes are bad ends except for one heroine, her route is basically part of the common route and it makes sense when it happens. I really didn't have any motivation to go through some other routes because well, they are like bad ends, every ending is depressing and the choice you have to make to get into those routes are essentially choices that makes you lie to yourself rather than face the truth, which is the recurring theme for the game. It was hard for me to do one of the girls routes even if I really did like her because, the choice you have to make to enter her route is for me really cruel. I guess I'll play through it once I reach the true end

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This week I'm playing Musicus! I think I only played one vn focused on music so far, so I'm really looking forward to it! :reasparkle:

First impressions


  • The writing flows so well! I don't know if it's because I've been reading "meh" VNs or what, but I could read this for hours and not feel tired.
  • The music AND THE SONGS, holy moly. I love the BGM, it fits so much and I was expecting actual songs, but I wasn't expecting to love them this much! I guess I'll be searching for them later on... :rinkosparkle:
  • The characters: so far they are pretty darn interesting and captivating! Eveyone has their own flavor and I'm especially intrigued by Hanai.
  • The VA wasn't bad, so I guess that counts as a positive. I wish more VNs had voices for the protagonists tho... sigh, but I guess I understand the reason as for why they don't.


  • The art is 50/50. I like some aspects of it, like the background art and the art for the protagonist and some girls, but most of them just look kinda derpy, especially those eyes lol

Act 1 (before Ozaki's route)

Oh boy... this vn is something special already. I love the flow, the characters, the writing, the songs, the philosophy aspects, everything! The art has grown on me, I admit. It made me smile, bang my head, cry my eyes out... It was the whole package.


At first, I didn't like Hanai-san; the same goes for his sister, Mika. They both grew on me in their own ways, but Hanai-san was the one who grabbed my heart and destroyed it. His voice was totally amazing but his view on music was something else. I feel like I should disagree with him, but I like to think that what he says is also true. Everything we hear may be a trick, but it's real for us, and personally, that's what matters. I'll gladly be fooled if that means I'll have music in my life. After his death... oh gods, I felt so empty for a whole hour. I wasn't expecting that at all, but I guess you never do, huh. That scene of them playing at their funeral had me in tears, ugh. :yuzusad: 

After that, it was tough for me (as it was for Kei, I imagine) to return to that school life period. I was feeling just like Kei, and for a narrative to make me feel that I think it's an amazing thing. After that and his time with Pteranodon, he meets his father and has that whole talk. I don't have some big opinions on that, but I think having a degree is important if you either need it for your job or if you just need it to work in general, as it often happens where I live, sadly. I kinda had this existential crisis last year, before dropping out of uni because of stress and anxiety, but I do love my time there and even tho the week I took to make that decision was hell, I'm glad I took that time to think about what means to live my life: I want my life to be meaningful. That doesn't mean being a doctor or having a lot of money imo; for me, it means going to the countryside, where my mental health can improve, and dedicate my life to work on the land with my grandparents, in a little village. That's just my example, but I think everyone should do a little check-up to see where they are in life and what they really want to do if they have that privilege. Just like Kei's father said, we're all a result of our genes and environment - I'm not denying that. I do agree we can choose our own life, as long as it's within our grasp and limits. This just means we should lower our expectations and try to humble ourselves, I think. Anyway, I stopped in that part where they are discussing Pteranodon breaking up and I'm glad I'm reading this vn, I really am!

P.S.: Guess who's addicted to Gura Gura now :mare:


Next week I'll be talking about Ozaki's route! :kanpai:

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1 hour ago, Fujoneko said:

P.S.: Guess who's addicted to Gura Gura now

Honestly, I think this is the first song in Japanese that I've genuinely liked to the point where I could see myself listening to it outside of the game.

In case anyone wants to know what it sounds like, here it is:


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