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12 hours ago, Leonor said:

As I mentioned before, I started playing Zero Escape - 999 -. It's been really entertaining so far, I'm liking it! :D

First Impressions


  • I liked the characters — it was refreshing to see more "adult" characters and everyone was really different haha
  • the flowchart ("flow") — one more excellent addition to the steam port 👌
  • the protagonist — he is normal, that's all I ask for.


  • the minigames — this is kind of subjective but, personally, I was stuck for way too long on them and got frustrated a lot of times...
  • the differences between the "novel" and "ADV" mode — I like the option of choice, but I'd like to have novel mode's writing with the ADV's design. It's just less polluted. Oh, well...
  • NOT HAVING A LOAD OPTION ON THE MENU — C'mon! That's basic!


  Reveal hidden contents

Nooo, I liked Snake!!! T^T I already knew about Clover having an ax (damn you, google images!) but I didn't expect her to be the one doing the killing, damn. Anyways, this basically makes me suspect more of Clover and Akane... Clover is just obvious, but Akane is pretty sus. Seven too, tbh... his amnesia is just weird.


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So... Santa has a little sister? And according to his "tale", he killed her? That's why his clothes are black and white? Neat. Is she going to actually appear? Naaah, that would be too random and forced lol unless... 👀
The big [9] door is indeed leading outside the ship but the other... hmmmm, pretty sus if you ask me.

Possible murderers: Clover (so it's consistent with end 3) and Akane, since she was with him just moments ago (maybe, maybe... there's still the matter of the elevators, after all - it's more likely it was Clover).


Current theory (after discussing it with my pals)

  Reveal hidden contents


So, Snake is VERY suspicious. I am discussing this vn with my pals and we've come to the conclusion that Snake is the most likely to be the mastermind.

He could be lying about his blindness and/or the content of his letter. After all, no one else there appears to know braille.

He died very soon, so that makes him extra suspicious, as ridiculous as that sounds. This is because I don't remember the protagonist finding his bracelet, so he could be very much alive just to watch everything unfold from the sidelines. ALSOOOOO, he has a prosthesis for his left arm, which I'm pretty sure it's the arm which has the bracelet hmmmmmm pretty sus if you ask me!



This week, I'm playing ending 6 and 4 (in that order)! I'll finish it the week after! :yes:

enjoy it while it lasts, because the third game is bad

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guys I solved it I solved it, I finally know why mmorpgs make female armor so skimpy     Sharty's face is just priceless

Picked up, or rather finally started Ace Attorney trilogy on my 3DS. Finished the first game, in the middle of Ep1 of the 2nd game, which is atm a shame because i expected Phoenix to start off veteran

I have no idea what any of that was actually saying because your posts are difficult to read sometimes. But please don't assault or sexually harass your coworkers, that's not cool.

I'm taking a detour from Raging Loop, tbh I just read all of the foreword stuff and then got randomly sidetracked, but I'll get back to this soon I swear

But right now I'm reading World End Syndrome cuz it finally went on sale Switch digital for 12 bucks$$

The Protagonist is nameable, so I was like fk me, I don't know any decent names, and I'm hella not gonna self insert my own name, so here's what I named him LOL:

Takeru from Muvluv and Umisho from Robotics;Notes. Yes, I literally could not think of anything better, and yolo'd, sue me.

So Takeru moves to Mihate Town, a (fictional?) modern day rural seaside Japanese town, to escape some personal baggage. He's like the most indifferent, unemotional protagonist ever because of said baggage. The kind who just lives day by day with no goal, no purpose in mind. It's reflected well during the VN's Free Roam segment during Summer Break which I'll get into later. Mihate town itself has some supernatural lore, The Yomibito Legend, where supposedly every 100 years the dead revive and wreak havoc on the town. Hmm, okay, we're off to a good start. I like my moe slice of lifes to have behind the scene shenanigans to look forward to later. 



Hi cutie. Don't kill me plx



He lodges in a relative's supposedly vacant mansion, but unbeknownst to him he runs into an unexpected roommate: a distant cousin by the name of Maimi. She's not too happy about having some random unknown boy roommate show up, but she quickly lays down some house rules to compromise (Takeru is in charge of cooking, cleaning, basically all the house chores, gg ez).CUhorLv.jpg

Uncle's...Wife's...lover's....mistress? Uhhhh- I lost track of the family tree at Uncle already, sorrz.

Takeru eventually gets roped into joining his school's Mystery Club, which, by VN modern day protagonist standards, means it's a club that exists solely for Takeru to be able to mingle with all of the heroines. Unfortunately though, the writers of this VN made the fatal, fatal mistake of having the worst side-bro character ever by the name of Kensuke exist: a flamboyant failure playboy type whose only purpose is to get collectively shat on by the heroines repeatedly and relentlessly. It gets old FAST.


Seriously less than 5 minutes of and this guy already won my award for worst sidebro character EVER. Doesn't help that he actually gets a SIGNIFICANT amount of screentime.

The VN has a calendar-date day by day system, with the first two months June and July being considered the prologue which naturally establish the town's setting, characters, high school mystery club, and sparsely hints at some supernatural shenanigans, all in bread and butter slice of life format. Near the climax of this relatively lengthy prologue, a random student goes missing, and during one of the Mystery Club's outdoor trips they stumble upon said lost student's belongings. Uh oh. Unfortunately you won't get to learn much else regarding this case, because the prologue will automatically lock you into the VN's default bad ending as your reward for completing it.

Upon resuming the VN you can pick an unlocked dialogue choice to avoid the prologue bad end and move onto the month long summer break free roam slice of life segment taking place in August, and this is where you really get to see Takeru's aimless no lifing as he just goes through the motions, living day by day, wandering around doing whatever he pleases (which mostly amounts to nothing). It's quite overwhelming at first, because as a completionist I kept wanting to reload saves to see what different scenes would occur if I picked a different location to go to, and a lot of the times you're left wondering "WHERE THE HELL SHOULD I GO? DOES IT MATTER???" It's exacerbated in that every day you can visit one place in the morning, one place in the afternoon, and one place at night. With 7 locations to choose from, with up to 3 times a day per location, and 30 days, it gets exhausting very quickly trying to see every possible scene (and there's many deadend scenes, where you visit a location just to get a one liner description and nothing else). fbGs5t8.jpg

7 locations... 3 times a day (morning afternoon night), so basically every day has 21 potential scenes, times 30 days = 630 times I'm gonna have to reload my save to see all potential scenes, WTF GAME! It also doesn't help that this VN doesn't have a quicksave/load function, in fact you can only save AFTER or BEFORE scenes, not during. A really nasty technical limitation by today's standards. 


What's fascinating though is that, I think THAT'S THE POINT of this month long Free Roam segment, especially the first time you go through it blind. The VN seems to be aiming for a "if you could relive a moment of your life, how would you go about it differently?" theme of sorts. Takeru's summer vacation my first playthrough was just spent lounging and wandering around and making small talk with whoever I happened to bump into. Uneventful and wasteful. Takeru himself will admit he basically has no life, and heroines will nag at him to start being more open and active. But if you're ultimately unable to develop any connections with any of the heroines and stay a loner, you'll waltz right back into the arms of the prologue's bad end. So from a narrative standpoint I thought this was rather neat. But from a gameplay completionist standpoint though, fk this game. It's so tempting to just pull up a walkthrough and avoid the unnecessary scene grinding.0Xs78Ii.jpg





wOWzeRs WheRE'D THe TiME GO?!




Thankfully, upon getting the bad end a second time around, my initial month long of meandering gave me a good idea of where most of the heroines generally spend their month... Maimi the fiery redhead distant cousin seems to be at school for tennis, Yukino the bluehaired eager young adult journalist is investigating the supernatural Yomibito Legend so she's a wildcard, Miu the stoic softspoken greenhead is mostly working at her brother's cafe in the afternoon, Hanako/Rei is the ditzy pink haired only-the-audience-can-see-through-her-idol-disguise who's shooting a film in the forest, and Saya is I guess the starter route yellow haired ojou because you can literally just say yes to become her servant so she'll assign you your shifts where to go:





We'll see if this develops into something interesting.

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Reading your post, and having heard the title before I started to wonder - "why didn't I tried this one before? It looks interesting". But then I searched it on vndb and I knew - no PC version, consoles only, and the ones that aren't emulated yet to boot - PSV, PS4 and Switch :(Why, oh why no PSP release at least?

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14 hours ago, adamstan said:


Reading your post, and having heard the title before I started to wonder - "why didn't I tried this one before? It looks interesting". But then I searched it on vndb and I knew - no PC version, consoles only, and the ones that aren't emulated yet to boot - PSV, PS4 and Switch :(Why, oh why no PSP release at least?

uh, there are two Switch emulators that work...

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On 12/5/2020 at 12:35 AM, Silvz said:

uh, there are two Switch emulators that work...

Really? That's great news. It looks like I was a bit out of touch. Perhaps I assumed it was still too recent platform, or too closed. AFAIK there's still no PS4 or PSV emu, so I thought it was similar situation with Switch, without actually checking. 

But... Is there a way to buy games and transfer them to emu without owning an actual Switch?


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1 hour ago, adamstan said:

But... Is there a way to buy games and transfer them to emu without owning an actual Switch?

Switch uses a unique type of cartridge, so the only way I know of is if you actually own a Switch, jailbreak it and use SX Dumper to transfer the contents of the cartridge onto an SD card, and then in turn transfer them from that to your PC. If you're not intending to buy a Switch, you might as well just buy the games to support the developers and then download them from somewhere to run them on your PC (assuming they actually run well, which I can't confirm since I haven't delved into emulation for the last 15 years or so).

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7 hours ago, Seraphim said:

. If you're not intending to buy a Switch, you might as well just buy the games to support the developers and then download them from somewhere to run them on your PC (assuming they actually run well, which I can't confirm since I haven't delved into emulation for the last 15 years or so).

Yeah, that's exactly what I've been doing with PSP and PS3 VNs. But if I'm not mistaken, apart from cartridges the Switch also has digital releases and so I was wondering if it's possible to buy them from within emulator.


I looked around a bit, and it seems that while emulators work and can run some games, they're useless without having an actual console (and it has to be certain serial number range/version that can be hacked), since even though it's possible to download game ROMs, they still won't work without obtaining an license key - and to activate game, you have to install it on the console and link it to your Nintendo account. Then - if your Switch is of the hackable kind - you can transfer data to the PC and run the game inside emulator. But well, if the game is translated, then if I had an actual Switch I wouldn't need an emu, since at that point the only thing it would be useful for would be text hooking in case of JP games :P

Okay, scratch that, there are some workarounds ;) But it seems that my CPU is too shitty to run even a VN inside an switch emulator (or the game isn't fully compatible with it yet) :P So it seems that in order to play WES I'll still have to get a Switch... Makes it a bit expensive :P

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Reading Kara no Shoujo 2 and a little making lovers on the side.

Making lovers:

Karen: Wow that was surprisingly good tbh. I loved the beginning when protag did the push and pull instead of just desperately chasing (This is a turnoff to most girls) when she started being selfish and acting noncaring, and she bit the hook! That shit works in many cases and something many men fail to do and lose a lot of respect from the girl. Their relationship was not sunshine and rainbows, but that wasn't needed, it felt genuine for a VN. If i could criticize anything it would be that i often didn't know if they had a fight or were bantering as protags text could be very... flavourless so you didn't know exactly what emotions went through his words. Also that they introduced some characters and pretty much forgot about them in the routes. Why even introduce them in the first place?

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I finished Hanako -> Saya -> Maimi routes in World End Syndrome. Apparently you need to do these three before you can do Yukino's and Miu's, and so far the supernatural lore regarding the Yomibito-undead-reviving-every-100-years thing hardly has any presence, so I'm guessing the final two routes will start touching base with that.


Hanako Yamada / Rei Nikaido


Heh, and I'm Takeru Umisho, from Muv-Notes Luv-Robotics ; Alternate DaSH

This girl is great. She's the (true personality) socially awkward clumsy girl (fake alias) Hanako Yamada by day and the rising idol sensation (true name) Rei Nikaido by night. She comes to Mihate Town to film for her latest movie after being inspired by the Town's legends, and joins the Mystery Club under her incognito name out of desire to experience being a normal high school girl.


Aight, y'all know me, she's a pink haired idol, instant best girl. She's such a tease:


UHHHH, PARDON??!!! (BTW, more VN's need to have characters where you ALWAYS see them with certain hairstyle or with glasses on, and then you get to finally see them with their hair different / glasses off, like Rei above. It's such a nice little characterization gimmick.)


What I liked about her route was that, as cliche as it might've been, the writers were able to relate Hanako's personal drama to Takeru's in that both characters reached a point in their lives where they hit rock bottom and were living day by day with no future aspirations. Takeru's was due to survivor's guilt when his sister died in a car crash, whereas Hanako grew up with a single abusive father after her mother ran away.


Hanako was able to find her light at the end of the tunnel when she was scouted to become an idol (which was no happenstance), and by extension she was able to become the light at the end of the tunnel for Takeru. It's a pretty wholesome romance for these two:



But again, Rei's such a tease:














Btw whatever you do, when you're on her route, DON'T EVER STAND HER UP, even if it's just to get some petty revenge because of her 10 minute text reply stall shenanigans seen above. Her breakup text actually hurts a lot LOL:







Saya Kamishiro

Honor student. Athletic. Rich. Talented. Gorgeous. The girl's got it all.
That's a funny way of saying "Hey I like you, can we walk home together?"




She's only 15. WHATTA BABY!!! For the record, the rest of the cast are 17. I'm surprised Takeru was so surprised to find that out.

Saya's baggage comes from the fact that she's not actually a blood heir to the legendary Kamishiro family (the most powerful & influential family in Mihate Town), so to compensate she always pushes herself to do her best, Naruto work hard style instead of being born a genius Uchiha Sasuke style.

It's kay girl, you may not be the legendary Kamishiro blood A type (she's a B type), but the view from here is definitely A grade material. Wait, I shouldn't say that, she's 15--



Their romance was standard, it didn't make me go d'awww as much as Hanako's did. But Saya could have her text moments too:







Maimi Kusunose
LMAO! One of the rare times my boi Kensuke actually gets some good shots in. (Ironic, because she's actually his one true crush despite all of his fanboying for the idol Nikarei). Maimi is the hotheaded tomboy down to earth speaks her mind type.



You're um, nice to look at? 

Maimi's a pretty normal girl at the end of the day, no real personal familial baggage like Hanako or Saya. Most of her route you just tag alongside her as she helps a sick child prepare for her surgery, or witness people asking her out and failing miserably.

When Takeru gets nosy and inquires why she rejects her suitors, she just nonchalantly drops the bomb:



One big revelation that could've been executed better is that Maimi is actually the true identity behind the famous Monday through Wednesday nightly radio talk show host, Hikaru Tsukioka, that Takeru can tune into. That was a nice reveal that caught me off guard, unlike the ever obvious Hanako = Rei. Then her route's seemingly random events actually make sense: the kid undergoing surgery was a big fan of Hikaru so that's why Maimi became emotionally invested, and Saya's brother Mibu who up until this route seemed like an okay guy turned out to be a sleezy playboy who took a liking to Hikaru and abused his status to make moves on her.

And once again, the romance with a heroine is what is able to get Takeru out of his stagnant misery:


Unfortunately, even though Takeru was able to avoid having an uneventful summer leading to his prologue-demise by mingling with some heroines, it turns out:



Calling it now, Takeru is the Yomibito. Looks like we'll learn more in the final two routes: Yukino, who is actively researching the Yomibito legend, and Miu, who is the obvious red herring:




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Finished World End Syndrome. The final few routes for Yukino and Miu were pretty fun, because they finally touch upon the murder mystery and Yomibito lore aspects of the VN that the prologue hooks you in with whereas everything else in between was just standard slice of life & world building & heroine personal baggage solving. So overall it's like 90% SoL and 10% murder mystery / supernatural lore lol.


Btw, anyone wanna play Among Us? LOL



It's a shame, because while reading their routes I constantly found myself going, damn, this VN would've been even more awesome if the entire thing revolved around the mystery aspect. But ultimately all the slice of life did serve its purpose and softened me well for going into:
Yup, there's a truth route to look forward to by the end of it, yeee. It's nothing too mind boggling; a bit of a shame considering you have a title like WORLD END SYNDROME so you might be expecting the true route to have reality bending consequences (it doesn't), but nevertheless it was still a pleasant truth route. 

Hint: it deals with:


Takeru's personal baggage. In which, fk me, I really love that they were able to pull this type of punch:




Takeru's real name turns out to be:



Sora? Wtf you Kingdom Hearts wannabe, GIVE ME BACK MY TAKERU UMISHO!

Otonashi...? Wait, isn't Yukino........ an Otonashi as well? 






Yukino disappearing from the CG and title screen afterwards was a nice touch. Made me shed a tear~


There is a sequel planned, World End Phenomenon, in god knows how many more years but I'll definitely keep an eye out for that.




Alright, detour over. Back to Raging Loop

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Since I finally managed to make World End Syndrome run in the emulator, I'm definitely adding it to my backlog. It's a pity that I cannot buy digital release without owning an actual Switch*, since it's massively discounted in Nintendo e-shop, but well, will have to cough up for the cartridge it seems. Anyway, @Eclipsed, thanks for pointing my attention towards this VN :)

* When browsing without an account, clicking purchase button takes you to the login/registration page. I created an account, but when browsing logged-in, the purchase option is completely unavailable - the button just disappears. So that would mean that buying is possible only when browsing from actual console I guess?

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Wait a minute, I just finished World End Syndrome, which delved into Yomibito lore pretty thoroughly, and now I gotta deal with it AGAIN for Raging Loop? Is Yomibito a common folklore thing(I didn't even know about them before reading WES), or did I just supermassive coinkydinky read two VNs back to back that decided to involve them lol 


Pffft, I'm Takeru Umisho, a certified Yomibito expert, and I can definitely say that Haruaki Fusaishi ain't no Yomibito.

Anyways, protagonist 24 yo. Haruaki Fusaishi gets into a recent breakup, takes a one way motorcycle trip to the middle of nowhere to clear his mind, gets into an accident, and eventually finds himself in a remote, desolate village called Yasumizu where the villagers are extremely cold to "outsiders". There is one friendly face though: Chiemi Serizawa, a 21 year old college student who returned here for vacation. She finds the lost Haruaki and vouches for him.



Raging Loop already lives up to its name, as the game takes the time to explicitly tell you, "Hey, you'll run into a lot of necessary bad ends to progress the story, glhf"


Without further ado, time to go die~

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4 hours ago, Eclipsed said:

Wait a minute, I just finished World End Syndrome, which delved into Yomibito lore pretty thoroughly, and now I gotta deal with it AGAIN for Raging Loop? Is Yomibito a common folklore thing(I didn't even know about them before reading WES), or did I just supermassive coinkydinky read two VNs back to back that decided to involve them lol 

Whoa, that's really amazing coincidence 😮 But it happens sometimes.

I feel like Raging Loop is not for me, at least for now. I'm not a fan of that art style (character design) and werewolves - I'm also not into horror in general. Some elements added for spicing things up are fine, but the whole horror VN is too much for me at the moment.

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Yeah, Raging Loops is an Among Us / Mafia style VN. Protagonist ends up in desolate village, with it's own mafia ruleset yadda yadda. Would've been nice to read this before Among Us peaked in popularity, cuz now it actually feels too mainstream to be reading this LOL

Wolves are the imposters, 2 off them, 1 kill per night, 1 vote/hanging during the day on the human side to attempt to weed out the wolves, extra side rules that result in supernatural death if disobeyed (ie. trying to run away, or do more than 1 kill etc). I'm not doing this VN any justice with my super generic bland description- it does, to its credit, get pretty tense and keeps you on your toes until the bitter end on who to believe and whatnot.

For the record, I was 1/2 correct by the end of it.

The first loop Haruaki is NOT a participant due to his outsider status, so you get to watch the villagers screw themselves over like morons. 


I really wished I'd hadn't played Among Us to death when it peaked in popularity.

I'm on my second loop now, will be interesting what kind of plot twists the writers conjured up to keep things spicy (because obviously after the first loop, you know who the wolves are etc etc)

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I remember playing "Mafia" with friends during high-school times. I wouldn't call it even board game - it needs almost no resources. I don't know how it's played elsewhere*, but we just used a deck of cards to assign roles to players. Ace was Detective, king of spades and king of clubs were Mafia, and other cards were civilians - and that was the only thing needed to play. I particularly remember one summer vacation of 2001 - we used to go to riverside almost everyday and play (damn... it sounds almost like a VN premise :P )


*I just read up the wikipedia description and see that we played quite simple version ;)


More on the topic of this thread - recently I finished Yuuka's route in Sakura Strasse. It was quite good.

And yesterday I entered Karin's route (third out of four).


Surprisingly, it might turn out to be the most interesting route. Also, it made more clear for me what bothered me about protagonist. Although he claims otherwise, especially when confronted with overly childish Karin, he's also very childish.

And the route started with a twist that surprised me a bit, especially in such lighthearted game.


Karin started slowly realizing, that she's in love with Harumi, but he didn't want to accept/acknowledge it no matter what, always treating her like a child. So, as a last resort, she got love potion from Claudia, and made Harumi drink it. Unfortunately, Claudia's idea was mostly that love==sex, so what she actually made was more of a "lust/horniness potion", and after drinking it Harumi attempted to rape Karin... that escalated quickly 😮


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Kara no shoujo 2.. Well i am quite disappointed so far. Started somewhat good and delved into a super lengthy backstory of sorts which was very boring. And now we're back to current times and it's just filler so far. Too much protagonist swaps, making friends, friends playing with friends boobs... Gonna take a break as this is just not fun atm feeling so unfocused and disjointed.

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On 12/10/2020 at 1:29 PM, Eclipsed said:

I'm on my second loop now, will be interesting what kind of plot twists the writers conjured up to keep things spicy (because obviously after the first loop, you know who the wolves are etc etc)

Because obviously I'm a dumb dumb and that was a silly assumption to make. Everyone who read the VN already and then that comment of mine was probably like LOL

Finished Raging Loops. Overall enjoyable. Here's the fav bgm:

Honestly most of my enjoyment from this VN came from the Feasts, and that's mainly from my personal bias of loving group-battle-of-wits-discussion type scenarios ala Danganronpa. 

The endgame reveals were unfortunately kind of a big yawn. Waaaay too much last minute background history infodumping and kanji reordering wordplay reveals when you just wanna get the show over with. Getting the final 5 keys was about as tedious as Link having to fetch all of the Triforce shards in Windwaker. And it doesn't even ultimately end in with a big bang, just a matter of fact kind of resolution. Anticlimatic.

(SPOILER) Random thoughts to various revelations (SUPER SPOILERS)


Second Loop: 
-Knew Chiemi was gonna be one of the wolves, she went from relatively active participant in First Loop to nonexistent in Second Loop. Also felt the initial disappointment in her with the exact same Haruaki "thought you of all people would reject becoming a wolf" thoughts, though it does make sense considering the overall story.
-Thought it was kind of cheap though how the wolves can just go "fk it, let's kill everyone" if they lost.
-Liked Chiemi's 1v1 endgame kill on Haruaki. Haven't really had a murdercrazy heroine for me in a while.


Third Loop:
-REALLY loved the premise of getting to be on the Wolf side, disliked that Kaori's motherly instinct consistently won over the supposed undying wolf faith displayed by Tae and Yasu in the First Loop and was a constant "welp, the wolves are screwed". Also Meiko being a useless badger. Writers were probably out of gas and didn't want to waste anymore brainpower crafting an interesting scenario.
-Also thought it funny how easily Haruaki accepted wolf duties but overall found it underwhelming how wolves are indoctrinated to be absolute faithful to their duties. A lot of it truly is just blind faith but yeah, underwhelming.
-Hashimoto was a cool guy. I would've liked scenarios where he was the wolf, or was on Haruaki's side. Also would've liked Haruaki x Chiemi wolf side.
^Though, tbh there were times where it felt cheap that Hashi was able to deduce the whole fake snake thing. 

-Haru's "Oh the god persona was just a fake persona and all her mind reading was coincidental" "reveal" that got reversed 5 seconds later was pretty lol-what-was-the-point-of-that-tier. Try harder, writers.


Revelation Loop:
-Completely glossed over the possibility of Chiemi also being a looper. That should've been the first thing you thought when you saw her on the second loop and she teared up and I totally did think something along those lines but I think I just brushed it off as one of those tragic side character irrelevant deja vu moments. Even though I complained getting the final 5 keys was tedious, Haruaki x Chiemi duo loop murder segment was another highlight of this VN.
^I started to think about the grand scale of looping over billions of years over and over and had to stop before my mind popped. It's like when you start comprehending just how big the universe is and it gets overwhelming.

-So you're telling me the Old Man Who Cried Wolf was able to take out Chiemi / Haruaki in over 100+ loops as the supernatural undefeatable werewolf ggez even though Chiemi had a SHOTGUN? That's probably the biggest legit plothole, cuz there's no way Chiemi in Loop 3 "Oh i just shoot the dogs that's why I was able to be outside to do my suicide trick, but overall no matter what I always die when the werewolf comes". You would think she would be able to cap him in at least one of those loops. Also the fact that noone decided to tail him and find out the secret tunnel.
-I completely skipped over Fujiyoshi/Yasumizu history + kanji reordering/Ookami/Shin'naisama/WhatisGod?  infodumps, I don't think I ever outright SKIPPED through any VN text I've read this year like this lol. Might be a sign to take a break. So I'm still slightly confused on some of the God's roles in this whole ordeal but ehh.
-Overall there's just a lot of dialogue inconsistency reveals that are hard to catch, like "Oh Rikako in Loop 2 was given away that she retained her memories because she claimed to see Haruaki behind a rock, when in Loop 1 the first time you saw her was behind leaves etc. They relied on those inconsistencies for reveals a bit too much imo.
 -Knew they were gonna go for "The Feast is a manmade, not supernatural, phenemenon", but didn't conclude that that they simply used cameras / electronic locks, and overall that type of reveal fell flat and was just like "oh. that's it?"
-They did another one right after via Rikako being the dreamer lmao:
^NGL, when Haruaki was doing his Ookami speech I totally didn't realize Rikako wasn't there. To be fair at this point it's probably more of a failure on my part for reading on autopilot rather than the VN doing bad reveals huh lol.
-Was actually thinking Chiemi would be the dreamer and you'd have a looper vs looper battle. That'd be some true Naruto Izanagi vs Izanami funtime. But nope.
-Rikako spider lore went in one ear and out the other, so don't fully understand how she was able to dream loop everyone and summon the monster just because she banged everyone, but ehh. Cuz overall the VN looked like it was trying to decide whether it was purely realistic, or purely supernatural, and then they went half and half (Feast ended up being manmade based on superstition, but God exists, along with Rikako's powers).
-Reason why I think the endgame is weak is that Haruaki was able to end hundreds of years of tradition and superstition with just a bit of talk no jutsu. Now that was some god-tier "That's it?" 

Kind of want to just move onto another VN instead of reading the POST GAME ADDITIONAL REVELATION SCENES (there's a friggen' lot of them!). But will definitely check out scenes involving Wolves perspective though. Especially Chiemi's


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Yeah, i didnt get why exactly they started murdering like crazy as wolves either. I mean, they only had to kill people in order not to die and they made quite weird excuses for why they had to make salami slices and other crazyness out of their victims. Falls to reason that Chiemi shouldn't be exempt from the curse when everyone else, including our MC also becomes insane when turned into wolves. 

But at i really like how it ended and i did enjoy Chiemi and Harukai's dynamic in the first route. "Chinemi explaaain." "yaaaay". Was entertaining, but sadly we didnt get much good times from them after the first route and just got that happy ending.



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On 12/11/2020 at 1:41 PM, Stormwolf said:

Kara no shoujo 2.. Well i am quite disappointed so far. Started somewhat good and delved into a super lengthy backstory of sorts which was very boring. And now we're back to current times and it's just filler so far. Too much protagonist swaps, making friends, friends playing with friends boobs... Gonna take a break as this is just not fun atm feeling so unfocused and disjointed.

Yes, it doesn't start with the exciting stuff right off the bat, but that "boring" part (I didn't find it boring, but maybe that's because I liked the mood) is very important for the plot later on. I mean, if you want to feel confused, you can just skip it LOL (btw, there will be another flashback, but this one is shorter). About the protagonist swaps - they exist because there are two mysteries and the friends part... I mean, c'mon it's just SoL pfft- take it with a grain of salt, but it's good for Yukiko (again, you'll understand why later on). But hey, if you are not liking it, who am I to force you to read it! :footsip:

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Alrighty, one more finished! This time, I finished all the endings left from The Nonary Games.

Ending 6

  • Spoiler
    • Bruh, no matter how many times they go through a numbered door and I know they won't die, I still get anxious, aaaagh!
    • Oof, when Akane mentioned the Titanic and the curses... that was already bad but the fact that I do believe in curses doesn't help T^T


Ending 4


Okay, I don't remember a lot from this ending since I had not written anything down about it. Buuut, I just want to mention one thing: how many bullets do you need to die, Snake? Like, bro, that's a big anime moment-

True Ending 



Ok... this ending... I did not like it. I mean, it wasn't bad, per say, but it was very confusing, to the point that I couldn't enjoy it as much. I like a good mindfuck, as long as I can somewhat follow it.

  • I still don't get how Junpei was able to connect to Akane. He wasn't in the Nonary Games, he wasn't related to her, he was only her friend. Seriously, are we gonna justify it with the fucking doll??? lmao
  • I like the idea that Seven was lying about his memories and helped Santa and Akane with everything ❤️ I mean, the only way I can think that Akane was able to do all this is through Santa, because of the stock market thingy.
  • Finally, I just found it so ridiculous that an egyptian priestess would just walk around Nevada. Like, I understand the "ice-9" part and stuff, but how was she able to be unfrozen if the coffin didn't leave the building? I- I'm so confused lol


Overall, it wasn't a bad game, not at all. I mean, I loved discussing it with my peers, especially when it came to the mystery!

Paranoia: Deliver Me

I started playing this one today and I plan on finishing it this week! :watame:

First Impressions


  • The art and the soundtrack is beautiful, as it should be, since the game itself is about music lel
  • The mood can be very spooky and me likey


  • The translation is awful and it kinda breaks my immersion and overall enjoyment of the vn...
  • Also, the voice acting isn't that good; I'm not sure if it's because I'm not used to listen to Chinese, but they all sound like they don't care about what they are saying and don't really feel the character they are playing 😕
  • The choices are damn weird, the fuck... How am I supposed to know what to do? And there's no walkthrough available out there [cries]

So far, the plot is interesting enough to keep me reading (well, I'm also reading this for my reading club, so that's another reason) and I did like the "meta loop" gimmick after the Game Over I got haha

Well, this is all I've got for the week! :abilove:

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