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Aselia the Eternal 3 teased - in English!

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Rednal from the NISA forums tipped me off to a stealth announcement: a third chapter in the -Spirit of the Eternity Sword- series of story-centric SRPGs is being developed. Furthermore, the site has an English language option in the upper right hand corner, suggesting the game is being developed with the English market in mind. In the lower right corner, the voice of Orpha cheerfully explains.
It's a new game in the Eien no Aselia series! Has everyone been well? It's me, Orpha! Orpha has a feeling she'll be playing a big role again. Orpha can't wait to see you!


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I would like to see a new game in the series... but not if it is based off of a different branch of history from Seinarukana.  To be blunt, I want the canon history to keep moving forward.

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Hm interesting so either they doing it with Jast again or its gonna be a console only release and they gonna do it with NISA or some other Company.

But to be honest im still suprised that they already have a english version of their website. 

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