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Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo Translation Project (Alpha Patch LIVE)

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4 hours ago, Erogamer said:

Well, how would you buy it digital? It is not sold in the western market? Also, does this tell more about the relationships romance wise between characters than the anime?

Just your friendly neighborhood lurker here since FuryTomic is sooooo slow to respond.

To buy it digitally you would have to do so using a Japanese PSN account and add funds to it using a prepaid card (pretty easily obtainable from various sites). The translation group who is making the English patches for the OreImo games have a pretty good guide for it that can be found here: http://notcliche.com/ziddy/tutorial-buy-oreimo-psp/ (of course you would have to search the Japanese PSN for the right game as their link they give is for the OreImo games).

As for relationships and such in the game, it takes place soon after the Cultural Festival but from there it follows it's own story and as far as I know, has two routes to follow relationship wise and I'm sure you learn some more about the relationships between the other characters as well but can't guarantee anything.

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Since apparently none of the team members decided to make a post here, guess I'm forced to come out of lurking again. The main staff member Dylan keeps repeating over and over again that they are in dire need of someone to help with editing since they have a backlog that keeps getting longer and longer. He even says that until someone actually steps up to do something about editing, he isn't going to work on translating which means the project will most likely be stalled until one of the editors has time to edit again (which sounds like it will be months from now). So please if you want to help with the editing and prevent delays, go say something on the discord since who knows how often they check here or if Dylan even does (since it sounds like he is the actual leader of the project which he also likes to claim sometimes). You would probably even be given free access to the alpha/testing/dev patches if you helped out.

And if you are going to say why don't I help, well... there are reasons for which I can't obviously.

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8 hours ago, Darklord Rooke said:

That’s surprising. Usually tons of native English speakers put their hands up for editing duties. This is the first time I’ve heard a project stall because of an 'editor shortage' 0.0

Actually this makes the third project I've seen it happen to in just the last few months. Maybe people are finally realizing there's more to editing than fixing typos...

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Yeah I do my best to make the story flow when translating which usually doesn't have too many issues besides typos and small grammar errors (really wish excel had a better spellcheck system if it even has one) since I'm a native English speaker. But there are times when I have parts that just don't flow very well, whether it be because I was tired or I disregard all rules of English when talking, writing, etc.. Leo, the one who has been editing this entire time, has been doing a good job of working with me to find and improve these areas so we usually catch most of them but he is about to be really busy with school and also wanted a break which is putting us in our current predicament.

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Once again, thanks for all your hard work and im still rooting for you :)

I subscribed to your youtube channel and saw just about all your videos. I didnt want to go with the alpha patch since its not full game but I cant hold on any longer, and now I understand Jap at least a little so I might be able to scrable through the rest somehow :D

Keep at it, you have the support of all the raving Sakurasou fans, there is still quite a few of us :D

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Update 10/29/19


Hello! It's been a while since there was an update to the project. Most of the staff lately have been busy with their own lives, and haven't had a chance to continue working on the translation project for Sakurasou. TLDR: Staff and team were on a hiatus for a couple years.

Before this strays from the main point of this post, I am happy to announce another patch (Ver 0.2.1) is available! This patch includes more translated dialogue, updated translations, and bug fixes.


33 additional files translated - Includes some filling in of missed files early on in the game, and more progression to the translated gameplay. 

Updated Translations - We found that a few of our previous files had some wonky translations, and revised it to sound better. 

Bug Fix - An issue on 11/21 where Aoyama and Akasaka were having a discussion between each other, and people found that the game froze and would not do anything from that point. This forced you to stop there, or revert to the RAW version of the game to bypass the issue. The issue has been fixed within this patch.

The latest release can be found on our Discord Server under #releases_public. If you encounter any issues, bugs, or maybe a typo or grammar mistake our staff missed, feel free to report this in the #bug-reports channel!


The next update will probably be around a month from now so in late November (May change without notice) and will start off with being rolled out to testers early to get any new bugs fixed before a general release. And from this point on, We're hoping we can at least get a somewhat monthly (or quarterly) release schedule going again even if its not too many scripts in each one from a lack of translators (Which we still need help with in that regard). If you would like to help out with any part of the process please let us know and we will tell you if we are in need of help in that area and such.*


*Messaging us on Discord is the fastest communication source to get in touch with us.

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On 7/10/2015 at 11:13 AM, FuryTomic said:

If I remember correctly, I think you use the PSP ISO file to get it working for the Vita. I'm currently researching into it. In the meantime, I'm also trying to run Ziddy's Oreimo Patch on the PS Vita, and I've been asking him to help. So far, he only mentioned about the PS Vita not being able to run dumped ISO files, so I have to use 3rd party software from wololo. I'll reply back when I find a solution.


@Shikomizue Thanks! Hope you are looking forward to the final product!


@Fiddle Thanks!

There is a glitch in the current ISO that the letters are out of bounds some are not it will be really appreciated that you and the whole team will finish this project (:)


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