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Lewd Warfare [Eroge][Unity]

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Lewd Warfare is a Match 3 RPG fought by units with abilities & spells, over a Nation conquest/risk style map against multiple factions and is also considered a Strategy Game. Set in a fantasy world it includes Factions based on hybrid humanoids, Elves, Amazons and Mages with more to come. Each Faction has 4 unique units(Characters) with one faction leader and all are artistically represented with full body art on screen.

You can check out the project on
I'm not forcing anyone to back us though It'd be a big help and their are many costs that I need to consider during development outside of the core team. I know many people will wait until their is a public demo out also.

LewdWarfare 0.2 Alpha

Note this is a extreme early Alpha with only combat gameplay components its version 0.21 that will feature the tavern/menu options/reset functions/skilltooltips. With everything but the last part of that done so far.


I'l reveal the names of other external help that are getting involved in this project if they wish to be revealed in connection to an eroge project. But their are a few others involved in EVN content helping out currently.

(Defeated Art- Void Mage)
(Latest Match 3 Image)
I'l be posting some of the content on Tumblr as it becomes available.

How the game play Tree works

Pick a Faction
You pick from one of 5 factions essentially picking which leader/type of characters you want to be with. 

Current factions/Descriptions are as follows
Mages - Wind/Fire/Void/Ice
Amazons Packleader/Barbarian
Elves Druid/Herbalist
Dragonkin Dragon/Basilisk

The fifth faction is genderless or does not denote male or females separately but more on them later. Note these names represent the classes/units on the battlefield map whilst we've given them names and personalities as part of the experience.

In terms of faction content we'd like to have more then five but are focusing on five within this year and within our timeline plan.


After picking a faction you will get introduced to some flavor text for your factions history & state of current affairs. On the map itself your able to select individual regions and see related stats and economy factors along with the region environment type later on we'l have art associated to each type and that will effect the battle background art.
You'l also have access to the Upgrade/Purchase tavern(New idea as of 09/07/2015) The idea is when you upgrade units you'l be able to get different outfits an additional abilities for them. We've already decided how these different abilities will work for each unit already. 
Once your happy you'l be able to drag and select Unit Icon's to locations you want them to go to initiate battle or just straight up capture unowned pieces of land.


You can have up to 4 different units in a battle, only one can be active at any given time but you can swap them out. As your character or the foe characters become wounded their will be visual changes from clothing to stance. Along with audio reactions from initial taunting to later grunts/exhaustion. Characters will banter with each other.
The match 3 gameplay system we're currently using is very fast paced and you'l have to keep up the tempo of a intense battle. Whilst Managing your active unit positioning.

NSFW/Lewd Breakdown

Upgrading/discovery (Mutual Sex) scene within your own faction

Duel with a 1v1 duel between two characters. Special Art related to two individuals getting together.

General Combat
Clothes tearing in battle
Stance changes/expression changes
End Animation on combat
Dialogue during combat/Possible voice acting with one person already enlisted.

Defeating a character multiple time and routing them will change their dialogue over 2-3 battles in what I call turning them Tsun or "converting" them. This will result in Lewd Sex Art
We are also looking at a challenge/Duel option to allow you to match characters in some way.

Nation Conquest
Sex Orgy including the opposing Faction Leader in a Harem all Characters Art Piece.

Types of character
Whilst are characters are currently yuri centric we have various neutrals characters with more to be decided that will be singular characters outside of the core factions with their own special stories. Special pieces of land may be tied to them along with conquest/challenge stories.

Extra Comments
Their will be more factions later with treefolk,nekomimi(cat) & ghosts planned for later.

Visual novel story elements.

You interact with your characters/units in various ways from the various taverns to direct confrontation you'l learn more about each of them over time and after earning experience. Their are routed options interwoven into the game design along with designed matches. Not every character's dialogue is going to be as long as the next with a emphasis on more generalized content for all faction characters with some ones getting more attention. Neutral characters will have more specific stories and react to certain characters with more available content. There will be many places in the game for dialogue/information talking to spring up.

  Some of the unique scenarios that we get because of the game experience is content between your own faction, content from beating opposing factions their reactions and content from losing to those factions and how they react after winning against yours. Along with specific cases/conditions from neutral factions to events content that happen in relation to owning specific territories. Each week we work on this our world and lore expands along with all the little sub stories we add into it. Maybe in a few months with fav favourites known will be driving be able to drive content to places where people want it the most ^-^.



We've got two voice actors lined up atm with a third requesting involvement but anything beyond that will be a budget requirement.


I was told it'd be fine to post in this section of the site buts its cool if the thread needs moving in anyway.


I'd like to post visual information and character info updates along with new designs if that's ok with everyone. 

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Its more their society doesn't recognise gender then it being what we'd consider genderless in their case they're both or can otherwise be considered transgender in some respect. They are also free to define themselves as either if someone does ask.

We're also being a bit careful so that it isn't exactly perceived as rape as our artist is wholly against the concept. Whilst You get a defeat kinda scene that doesn't mean suddenly rape its more of a defeated/conversion and leading onto other things. Technically this all needs some work and having every character turn from being your foe to eventually your lover requires some effort. Though their have been a few titles that pull it off.

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I suppose you could create a setting where it's normalized for the defeated to submit themselves sexually to the victor.  That's still a form of sexual exploitation, but that's the simplest way to implement it across-the-board without dedicating yourself to individualized scenarios.  Otherwise each heroine will have a personality, and you'll have to set up creative scenarios to convincingly portray why each heroine would submit to some random stranger.  That's hard to do without giving the impression of being formulaic.  And honestly, implementing "sexy scenes" while they're still your foe on the battlefield without rape or some form of coercion is... basically impossible to implement without convoluted storytelling.

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Its all a weird female bdsm powerplay not really. Though the strong ruling the weak and the bending of the knee to the superior. It would require some setting normalization or at least sexual act to be considered differently for different reasons and circumstances. Probably to do with lusting after the strongest. Theirs a whole lot of world building to possibility put into effect here. Kinda builds off the desiring money/power of an individual into their raw power.

 At first you presume yourself to be superior or stronger but once you know your reaction becomes possibly different you adapt. Now I kinda know why two people said " I want her to step on me " in relation to one of the character designs. This really isn't something I can come up with the right answer with straight away and it brings up all sorts of other questions when I think about it. You got me thinking anyway thankyou.

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Just uploaded the Arcanist/Mage finalized art line up.
I also updated patreon so that the the Lewd tier was the $25 tier instead. No idea what the $50 tier will be worry about it when someone actually wants to give to it.
We've made some changes to the way the game start up behaves in selecting a Faction but I'l explain the details about that another day after we make the official patreon post.
Also figured out a normalized manner in which lewd like things happen at some point ( not all the time ) though we've added something to tie together the game story better. 
One component was postponed to accommodate it but the new option should give a more optional approach to dialogue in a theme sense.
So there are Lewd(Not Sex) art scene's after someone is defeated. There are optional progression events after battle based on a "pairing" system that lead to sex and pre battle you can go to a tavern/pub to talk to characters possibly having lewd(Sex) scene's as a result. Taverns or such locations are tied to the land themselves so you'l characters in their native lands. Reactions will be different based on wherever its in faction, Enemy faction or neutral and how much experience you've potentially earned with a given character. The xp system linking to the dialogue/expanding discovering system needs some work though.
Still aiming for the first version of an playable build in 2-3 weeks time. Though the above mentioned dialogue content probably won't be implemented until August.
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