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PSA: Widespread Black & White Avatars

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Fuwanovel's colors have been stolen!@# 

Quick, drop by Fuwsquis & friends' thread to help solve the mystery to restore the glory of colors to Fuwanovel!!



TL;DR Ren created a new game with the situation being Fuwanovel lost its colors, and Nay being the technical genius he is did some coding to make everyone's avatar appear desaturated (black and white).


I think this is just a temporary for the lulz (troll); Originally, Ren (no pun intended) only instructed for participants of his game to have their avatars desaturated, not the whole site.


It is currently unknown whether Nay did this on his own for the lulz, or if he operated under Ren's command. No other Fuwastaff members were involved in this.


You may commence panic and outrage.




Give back the colors!

-Sadly, we are at the mercy of Nayleen, like it or not (ie. mods can't do anything about this). You can get Nay's testimony here.


Update: fixed.

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looks like my banana is glowing, ooops what am i saying...

edit: & for the useless faggots among us, whining bout this & that, wheeping into their plushie, because all so bad - fill that fucking survey out! FILL IT OUT!
takes u only up to 5 minutes & makes the fuwacosmos a better place to stay.

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