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Most beautiful CGs you've ever seen

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Hi everyone,

Iwould like to know what are the most beautiful CGs you've ever seen, I mean in eroge / visual novel industry art is an important component even VN with beautiful art have CGs that stand out more than others and VN with average art that have some beautiful CGs and since we already had a topic dedicated to the best ost of eroges and VNs, I thought this could be interesting to know what you think about that.

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Pretty much every single CG with Momiji in it.








These ones are among my favorites... but there are tons more, not just of her, but from the entire VN that I just love. The artwork is 10/10 in my eyes.

I would have liked your post but then I noticed the lack of Amane  :sachi:

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Where do the last two come from?

By the way I didn't expect this topic to have such a success ^^

Majikoi A-3


This one from yume miru kusuri








I dont take too many screenshots while I play otherwise I would post a ton more pics from other vns :(

That nekoko cg is godly!


i always have a soft spot for romantic cg



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